Thursday, February 9, 2017

The light of sun ascension into heaven, Getting rid of Implants, mind control

The Sun, The Truth, The Way  

Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

       This last week I went see local healer Eve and I wanted to share my experience. It was a over a year before I could clearly walk and talk after the Mas program. I apologize for grammar eras it's still difficult to write clear sentences. I was downloaded with information from the near death state after the Mas program and was not able to clearly express it. I experienced something that went in through my whole nervous system and cybernetic type metal implants that came in. Parts of my head dematerialized it was like my brain was removed. The implants in my feet that came in never stopped creating a field that I didn't want to be a part of. The alien metal that came in during the Mas programming created type of matrix that I couldn't break out of. I spent hours trying to erase them, breaking agreements and contracts, anything I could think out. Some of them came back and I felt was giving up. I made the mistake of being on-line during Mas's so called "upgrades", later I realized that I was what gave the permission to be changed. I also realized that Mas came into my body at one of the events and never left until I passed on the program. He is not aware that he does that to women, several other women that came foward had him lodged in their space. I was in Mas's practicing phase of his new programmed abilities and he is didn't have the awareness.

          My friend who did the Mas program had worked with Eve after Mas. He was lost, drained and confused after the program. He could not embody and would become easily agitated from not being able to function right. She saw he had connected him to some type of lower matrix and she help disconncet him from the Mas "programming" field. He completely changed within a week and things opened up for him. He became much clearer and embodied more. After my experience with Mas, I refused to go at first. I lost my trust for anyone new and just thought she might be another "new age" healer. Later he insisted and I went see her. She had worked with alien metal before and was much clear than I expected.  I immediately asked her what beings she was working with and for her to disclose her sources after my experience with Mas. I was in alignment with the beings she worked with and she had attained more knowledge than I thought. She told me her experience with alien metal some of it just grows right back after you remove it. There were master implants that were installed in the Mas program. I did all his upgrades and constantly participated in events, but the main ones came in right before I was going to leave the program. I even had wrote in I had met a another healing group and that didn't go well with him. The whole thing is out of a sci-fi movie and never thought I would be having to clear metal implants. I could not move past certain point from these implants, they were connected to something that I didn't want. She brought in the masters she worked with and things began to move out fast and the beings helped find the master implants. She was a experienced teacher and healer of 30 years and seemed to have advanced information on implants.

       The reason I am writing this because others who did Mas also noticed metal implants that came in. They are in the process of getting rid of them. If you look at Mas he looks grey like a grey alien, like he is metal. His assistant has taken on another form also, she looks like a grey alien.

        The problem with some of these implants are you can not go back into a higher frequency them in you, they connect you some where lower. I always vibrated in divine mother energies and what ever came in completely blocked me. What I realized is some people utilize someone abilities like portal open through a implants. The implants that came in with the Mas program were not allowing me to go into my higher connection, they blocked it.  Some type of cybernetics weaved through my whole system interfering with natural connections. She said the actually send a signal somewhere and a couple times a space ship type energy came over me at night. I spent months painting mandalas and doing things to restore my own "frequency". I could not get rid of all the implants that came in.

    After the session with Eve, I woke up in the middle of the night blinded by the light of the sun. To me the sun represent the heavenly Jesus gateway and have had several experiences where I was blinded by light.  It was like a the light of heaven shined down on the whole area I had moved to. When I met my Babaji friend that night I was blinded by light and crossed over.  What happened for me with Mas is he did remove some energies but his implants blocked me from connecting with some of the higher heavenly energies I was connected to before I met him. It creates a lower matrix which you can become trapped in. It prevented me from going to a higher ascension and left me stuck in a certain state.

           Miracle healing had occurred around me in my life through my connections to the heavens and divine mother. My Baba friend did not want me to talk about publicly as that happened around him too. He said god did the healing and we should not take credit for it. Both of us experienced so many miracles we got used to it. I was like a personal healer to him as I showed up when he needed healing. After Mas it was like I dead, filled with metal implants and void of try human life force. I only write about because several women who came forward have complained of metal implants. The local teacher and healer is the only one I have found with the knowledge I needed.

     I have seen ignorance in programmed Mas's followers like "mind control does not exist", or everything comes from within you. After those implants came I beg to differ. I experienced some coercive persuasion in altered state that I needed to do the Mas program. He does mind wiping and some type of sweeping. Later you are being re-educated through listening to his forums and podcasts. I find Mas some followers repeat him word for word like a parrot as I had a few attacks from them.  Recently, I connected with a women Mas had called weak and insulted her. He called me weak when I told him I was getting weaker in the program (I had 102 degree fever). I can't imagine saying that to a client you are working with. This is a mind control technique. I found it interesting that he said he "admired Hitler" and talked about him on a podcast.  Hitler was a zionist, a perfectionist who didn't mind killing to achieve it. He did love animals and was a vegetarian. Is Mas aligned with Hitler somehow? He sounds like he's in "agreement" with who he was. I recently watched "A Career - Hilter" on Netfilx. I recommend this to anyone on the Mas programming, the way Mas projects things is similar to the way Hitler worked.

Mind control (also known as brainwashingreeducationbrainsweepingcoercive persuasionthought control, or thought reform) is a controversial scientific theory that human subjects can be indoctrinated in a way that causes "an impairment of autonomy, an inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations. In this context, brainwashing refers to the involuntary reeducation of basic beliefs and values".[1]

          Listening to sound of someone else voice over and over is a form of hypnotic mind control. I saw it had that effect on people. I realized many of used and were being altered by something. Many people who did the program had some kind of implants installed during the "Mas programming". The is the easiest way to mind control is to implant something. Where did the implants come from the first place and why are people full of them? I began to look at the people with technologies and how they are aligned with the government. In Elon's Musk video "We are already Cyborgs" he described how you can easily inlay cybergenics into someone's body.

         Many people are now doing "implant removal" including people from the Military. Why are we having to remove implants? I see how they stop us from ascension and some of the episodes in Cosmic Disclosure discusses a mind control grid. I went into a high level awakening only to end up with implants and I am wondering why they exist. When people reach higher level enlightenment they can change weather patterns, affect crops, produce huge energy fields, and basically have a effect on the whole planet. I had some experiences where I was "cloud bursting" through the pineal and men in a truck came flying into my dad's mountain property and took my picture. People on this planet are monitored and one of my teachers in Shasta has had many run ins with black helicopters.

      I never came from victim consciousness, I come from help myself consciousness. I let Mas "work on me" too much and it made me sick and weak. After the Mas program I was not able to even drive a car and walk. It as difficult to face and that I let this man guide me at all and experiment on us with his new "abilities". I am someone who had many instantously healings occur after my awakening with divine mother. People would heal overnight, I was expecting the same thing from Mas because of his claims of being with Jesus. My clients always healed and had a better life. I have had autistic children begin to heal and become more integrated. One of my clients reminded me after I saw him singing in front of the church I used to attend. When I met him I saw he singing abilities and told him to start singing again. His whole life began to change. He had shut down his energy and by connecting with his gifts his life changed. Did I heal him? No he just reconnected in my sessions.

        I am not sure why I bought the 21 day sign up programming. I always questioned was but he always delivered a answer that seems right at the time. Most of my clients chose to eat better after I worked with them and connected more intuitively with what the need nutritionally. I trained as a wholistic nutritionist and was always bothered by Mas giving random nutritional advice to me. He also gave me medical diagnoses and I realized he was trying to play all these roles. I was taken over by his alien group and couldn't get out once that happened. In the beginning I was okay on the program, very high and distorted. Later I was too distorted to realize another source had taken me over. The problem with ascending with a alien group you may not end up where you belong. Finally I feel on the "right" path. 

     I felt blocked from heaven once those implants came in, it was a matrix from a lower realm. I even asked Mas "Why don't I feel heaven anymore?" at one point. Once she removed the implants from my my feet I ascended father across the veil. Those had come in on his program. Last night I experienced intense, Divine mother energy for the first time since Mas. A beautiful flow came through the new property I moved to after I worked with Eve, a vortex of energy expanded in the earth. I had always been close to the divine mother energies. Suddenly I felt more abundant and things opened once again. Yes he can change your frequency but he can bring somewhere else. Divine mother is the energy of creation and it was like I was being blessed all night.

    What I realized is people cannot ascend with these implants in them. They pull you somewhere else, a lower realm. I felt myself being to ascend further and connect with the heavens in the way I remembered.  Mas never had that connection he only knows the AI connection to his source. 

         Once the implants came in I began to "feel" lack because I was not connected to the abundant source I was once in. I used to grow plants and do energy work with trees. The crops almost doubled in size, that's abundance. In the right energies there is never a lack, just a block. Abundance is just a state. So much divine mother energy was removed from my body that I could not do anything anymore. It's the energy that heals, restores and gives birth. Would you call this a healing program?

        I am ready to ascend home another journey and complete being a teacher to Mas. Yes he did teach me he taught me about separation from the "the one". Those who speak out are always more powerful than the ones who remain quiet. For change on earth we need leaders and not followers. If I ever return as a teacher I work with women to become independent avatars for change. Most female healers and teachers do not know how great they are. Many are gifted from birth and need to develop their gifts. The women and men who connected with who got sick on this program were such beautiful souls and got lost with Mas. Mas taught them that had to go through some long sick disorienting detox. I just remind people of their true spirit and there true connection to heaven.  A women in India was told she would have her spiritual gifts after she had a mental breakdown by Mas in a personal reading. I saw she had them and Mas was leading her a stray. One needs to develop tier gifts and give space for personal develop and connection with the true source. She only needed a reminder that there are other people to guide her and that she was already gifted.

         Most masters attain high levels by walking alone into the darkness with little assistance. I began bringing myself into samdhi in my 30's and realized the control of the pineal gland was the key. Later that gland was destroyed and I actually dematerialized inside my head. I lost consciousness for a year. Mas's concept were wrong about healing, he's aloud to be wrong.  Why did we give our power up to him? Because he had a good story of healing with lots of promises.

      I have always kept track of the search engines on my blog. I have had many experiences emailed to me regarding Mas that did not turn out so well, most of them very distorted. I woke up this morning and saw the key words typed in "soul distortion mas sajady ". To me that says it all, his energy source distorts souls.

         What I learned in this process is that truth is the very thing that aligns us with heaven. You can't not really ascend if you are not in truth. In heaven all is truth all is revealed. Yes we must learn to love all beings, unconditional love for our enemies. Love can take many forms. Truth is the foundation of everything. Speaking my story did not create victimhood it created an empowerment.  As we cross the veils and ascend we must face everything. 

                                                  About a year before the Mas Program,
                                                              my true heavenly body

                                                       One year after the program,
                                     still trying to recover my energies and restore myself