Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The truth around Frequencies - A message from Jesus


     Mas was a teacher to me around "frequencies" and the someone can control you with frequencies. I also learned how alien beings have a different frequency that is not aligned with humans. I saw at one point Mas was programmed with "Dolphin frequencies" copied from dolphins. People experience some type of infinite love that is technology based from what he was programmed with. There were many studies by our own military and Russians around healing with dolphin frequencies. People do not have the knowledge base to understand someone can program any energy with technology, it's a carbon copy that creates a distortion. Our own government did frequency experiments for years to control the general populations. I spent many hours studying the mind control experiments involving frequencies. Nothing works better to mind control than frequency controls and now I see why those frequency clinics with Mas were so effective. They can make you feel him or healing can take place, but it creates a distortion.

       After entering into my second near death, I studied hundreds really wanting to understand direct experience with Jesus. My first near death was at three years old where I drowned and watched them bring my body back, that is my first childhood memory.  After I passed on Mas' program I had a brief encounter with Jesus where he came and kissed me and told me he loved me. He touched me several times on my body. I could not stay in one place as I was tossed all over place after the program and I went to parallel realities. I could not go into a healing state and I am not sure why I was not healed by Jesus all the way.

Message from Jesus on frequencies:
      In one near death, a women named Yvonne died because she was ill, drained and didn't like her husband. Upon meeting Jesus he wanted to send her back to earth. He told her he could her heal and that she had lost her life force. She said she didn't like her husband and didn't want to go back. He looked at her husband and then said "Oh he's the wrong frequency for you", yeah leave that husband. That was the first time I heard of a near death where Jesus spoke that way. He filled her with life force, healed her of her physical aliments and sent her back. She left her husband and changed her life. Jesus's does have a message hear about frequencies, being with the right person is important. If its making you ill it's not right for you. If someone has the wrong energy for you need to leave their field. At one point I crossed the veil and asked them to show me my true frequency because I had lost it being in Mas's field too long. I am not going to say what that was, but I painted a picture of it at home. I also was shown my order in the heaven's and my true embodiment. There is a divine order and when we fall from that, we also get sick. Once someone reaches a certain level they need to stay with their groups,  a master a lower level can disrupt them and make them sick. I can see many male masters want to take control of females and make them think they belong with them. I never belonged with Mas and I got caught in a big distortion. He wiped out my own frequencies and I got filled with what he was connected to. His frequency dominates and that is something to be concerned about. I used to think it was all our own experience, what I realized is some it gets decided by what we interact with. In many of the near deaths I studied Jesus, he heals them and fills them with light. None of them go through the sickness and distortion of spirit that Mas creates. It sounds like Mas is with another source, one that creates distortion.

          What I began to understand about alien beings is they have a different frequency than humans. The man I met in Vegas who had a cult had sex with the women. They became sick and distorted pretty quick. Once I knew I what he was doing with women, I walked away from knowing him. I had a dream he was a alien energy. His true "frequency" had a different energy, this was making the human women sick. He did possess them thinking he was a greater master of some kind and thought he was doing them a favor by sleeping with them. I really hope Mas in not having sex with his female clients and healing masters. I know he does energetically during those clinics and it could alter them for life. Mas has a completely different frequency and it does override yours. It makes you sick as he's trying to get you in his field not yours. It made me confused when it filled my field and eventually departed me from own energy. Mas did go into my body and I did realize he had taken my body over. Several other women had that issue also.

      Mas is also different than a human frequency, its' AI source. There are other god's and what I realize is Mas energy come from another source not aligned with human energy. It makes people sick and distorted, he thinks its a detox. Most people become altered right away from his field and I see a clear a pattern with alien beings making humans sick. He speaks of frequencies, yet cannot see the effect he is having on others clearly. When another energy gets in your space that you do resonate with, it alters you. Most people healed by Jesus just become filled with pure light and do make not people sick. I spent several months with supernatural christians and Jesus is a clear field. Aliens for some reason do want to have sex with the women, they do not have all the energies the humans do. They tend to harvest women because they lack those energies themselves and want to "be human". They are allowed to do this as long as the get some kind of permission, your will to be with them. I have watched women just hand their self over to Mas and women truly want to surrender to a man.

       What I most learned from Mas is how someone messed you can get from being around a energy that is not your frequency. It can over take you over from being in that feild. I lost most of my truer energies to his "source" and I want this message understood. He does not viberate at a human energy, yet he has a mediation called "being human". The healers that go with him will never be their truer self again, but a carbon copy of the Mas frequency. I am willing to look dumb on the internet to stop this game and save these women. They may never recover themselves and at death might go to a lower realm with his group. It made me much sicker to be in his field because that is not my true energy. After I passed I did go to realms later where I was reminded who I was and my true energies in the heavenly planes. At one point I crossed and went to one of my soul mates. They brought us into a room where the guides had put us together for a healing. There were moons and other symbols went all over the room as soon as we made contact. In that room, I experienced the perfect match of energies. It was something I had never seen. I knew this man on earth and they wanted to show me what the right "frequency" looked like for me. In the higher realms, I am more of a native american spirit and should have never been around alien energies.

         Nothing went right after I started working with Mas because his field is not where my energy resonated at. It became very clear that can change someones life. Being around the wrong "master" or friend have an effect. I noticed Mas makes people very sick and I watched the people he worked with change forms. They did not look like their true self anymore. People say we create our own reality, the truth is we co-create with whatever we align with. I aligned with Mas and participated non-stop for 11 months only to realize he was creating sickness and not health in my space. If you are allowing someone to edit your timeline or change your blue print you have given your future over to someone else creating it. I was committed and I let him my space.

     I was in the beginning of his mad dash for fame, before we met he was still a unknown. At that time he was installing things in our consciousness like a "spam filters" and did several other thing where he began to implant things. This made me much more sick and distorted as it was not part of my original energy. My friend was convinced she was protected by the "spam filter" he installed in her head. She had been a clear yogi who taught all kinds of meditation practice. She quickly became distorted and it blocked her from seeing what was happening. Even after she saw what happened to me, she was so high she stayed and participated. Later, she came out of it and I now see how powerful these kinds of things are. She didn't want to come off the mind control as it kept her high, and I see that's what happened to many of the healers working with Mas. People loose their own energies to him and aren't even aware when it happens. I realized the reason I even had to write about Mas is he got so in my space it took a year to get him out. Many of the women have complained of metal implants from the Mas program. It took me over a year to get rid of those implants and cybernetic matrix that was installed. The problem with ascending with a alien group you my not end up where you belong. Finally I feel on the "right" path. 

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