Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Living in lack - Agreements - Consensual Reality


Abundance is a state of being not about material possession

      About five years ago, I felt the most satisfied in my life. I struggled some raising two kids by myself, but I worked at balance. 
I can remember sitting down at my table eating a piece of special cheese I had just bought from the local farmers market. As I stared out at my garden growing in my backyard, I felt complete satisfaction. That to me was true abundance, a state of being. This who think it's about driving a expensive car or large million dollar home have never felt true abundance. I was so grateful to travel with my children to my fathers' mountain retreat and spend quality family time. A good meal, a camp fire, laughter, that's abundance. Many spiritual teachers are actually teaching poverty by not being in the moment of what they already have. They are deluded themselves by thinking abundance is attained through wealth. I just  paid my rent some months but always had a nice car. I did live in one of the most expensive areas of Northern California and supported two kids. We had everything we needed at all times and I felt blessed. My children and I had some much fun and love, that's abundance. After Mas I felt sick, in lack and I had to give up my youngest child for almost a year. I am not blaming him I am just saying it was not the right road. I was already there teachers who focus so much on abundance I think live in lack, its always been there. As you go onto higher levels you don't need the material possessions that you did before.  You can't take it with you, you look around and wonder why people compile so much wealth. In true higher connection there is a satisfaction not a hunger and large amounts of money becomes meaniless.

      I watched a documentary of some American boys who traveled to a foreign country to experience living off a dollar a day. They lost weight and barely survived health wise. It was at that point that I realized that most people live in abundance in this country. I began to see that some rich people were in severe lack, always having to attain more. When I started the Mas program I felt severe lack, almost to a demonic level. He kept saying, you have to go through all the lack. After feeling abundance before, I was doubting his theory. In a true field of abundance that what you feel, there is no lack or illness. I now realize that it was his field and broadcasted it to the group. He was in lack, racing around to as many events getting as much money going as possible. I now see he was actually extremely distorted through all his "upgrades" and should not have been working with people. That's where things turned demonic for him, besides the contracts he made. He does not represent abundance to me only a false images to get people to sign on. Most of what I did with him was unnecessary and only messed me up worse. Sending someone through time loops non-stop and erasing the hell out of them is not an approach to healing. I lost my energy therefore putting me in a deep state of lack. He gained energy, I became much weaker and he told me I needed to go through it. 

     I was a giver in my life and tipped people even when down to my last twenty. I looked at his field when I first met him and he looked dark along with his small children. He was living almost completely in the void, no human life force.  I couldn't understand why he was so sick all the time online and always talking about health. Now I see how much light he has I know he harvested from the healers. My sons life force was completely extracted after he worked on him, he can barely do anything. Great fucking results for a 20 year old who was full of energy, someone needs to hit Mas over the head at this point. Buying expensive sports cars while harvesting children and healers until they want to commit suicide. 

          My Baba friend of the Babaji lineage gave up all his material possessions and went to India. He was instructed to live with almost nothing as he traveled through India as a Himalayan Yogi  even walking even barefoot over ice. They wanted to make sure he didn't attach himself to money as a Guru and wanted only dependent on God source. People always seemed to give him what he needed, and he calls it the grace of god. I never understood why he lived without money until I met Mas. Money can become a sickness in some people that consumes and keeps you out of the grace of god. The Baba lived without fear or lack of money and never had to pursue it. It meant nothing to him, although he was given a fun sports car at some point. I spent quite a bite of money on Mas and traveling to his events. Only to end up bankrupt, disabled and unable to take care myself. I was working before we met and still able to take care of things myself. At the time it was clear he didn't want us working as healers or doing readings. He told my friend not to work for 6 months after working on her, it sounds to me like he wanted to end our careers. I was better off never knowing him because he took us into lack. If you do a frequency clinic on witches, you open that energy (he does that stuff). Most of what I did with him worked the reverse way and ended up more demonic type energies that I didn't have before. I got attacked after some of the clinics and I was confused. He made me think it was mine and I realized later he was opening that. I realized Mas has no idea what he is doing but creates a belief that everyone has some great life after him. I can see some of our leaders became satanic by needing to have so much money. I never received a refund of any kind, even though I was lied to and highly damaged by this program. I see how he actually lives in lack and not abundance. I would have immedialty refunded someone upon knowing there was a issue, plus it gets rid of them. Money exchange creates a contract and he made promises and predictions. 

       He recently told someone online they "lived and fear and lack" and its clear that is his mode of operation. He is quick to tell people that are in fear and lack because it works on them. He never addressed his own lack and always broadcasts himself in general. My favorite clinic was about "why you should sex with your husband even if you don't want it." Kinda clues you into a sad home life and probably propelled him more into the sex clinics with healers. Later he told someone online to "lie about the affair he was having on his wife. " - that should give you another clue about what he was doing. Right after he said "orgies and prostitution were okay", where was he going with that? Listen to him closely he is talking only about himself. I woke up in that moment realizing he was okay with lying. 

     Unfortunately if you let Mas work on you are no longer the writer of you won story as he try to rewrite things. He ends up manipulating people's realities. It took over a year to get him and the implants out, it was like a infection.

   I feel like the watcher now of souls, as I passed over the veil several times and saw what was taking place here. I completely understand satanic energy and AI predators now. A women recently posted who had two kids on Facebook site set for those who needed support. She was new to the programming game and shared her experience. She said she was extremely dizzy, distorted and really didn't know what was happening. She also mentioned her soul was fighting it, my soul fought it too and I didn't listen. She mentioned the word "detox" as that is programmed early by Mas that the have to ago through the sickness. I could tell she had no idea what was happening to her, but I could see she was quickly altered and now Mas had her. He made my kids so sick and lowered their immune system - someone please keep him away from people's children. 

Selfishness are the root of satanic energies. 

"Thus, they will compromise ethical and humane behavior in order to accumulate the wealth and possessions they want, in order to feel more powerful. That is the big set up on the earth, a person that highly desires wealth and external validation of self-worth, will have to play with the power brokers in the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) game in order to get it. This means they must make the deal or Faustian pact to give up personal sovereignty and many times prostitute themselves, because of who is really controlling the financial structure. The first thing these dark forces do is find that ambitious person’s pressure point and work to compromise personal integrity and derail spiritual actualization, in order to exploit addictions and weaknesses through psychological and emotional blackmail. An addicted person is a weak minded person that is easily possessed, therefore is easily manipulated by their uncontrollable impulses until they become so fully corrupt, their physical body is used to satisfy the whims of dark forces that are controlling their addictions. This is the main reason why so many materialistic people become incredibly insecure and desperate to maintain their wealth and power, they fall prey to their personal addictions and indulgences which lead to their rapid spiritual decline, which exacerbates even more unethical and criminal behaviors."January 2017 Poverty Consciousness Lisa Renee

       Most of Mas's work is based on the idea of "frequencies" as the main issue. What I realized is the universe is actually based off agreements. If you sign on with Mas you just made an agreement to experience what he broadcasts. Just like when you have sex with someone, its like a contract to experience energies. Even when I was not online, the energies came right at the time of the meditation. I had signed up and made a agreement to participate, its like a contract.  If you break the agreements and contracts it stops. After him he was too  much in my space and asrtal realms to simply cancel agreements. Some type of structure came into my body that kept me connected to to his "frequencies" and that took a while to get out. He actually distorted and infected anything I was connected to. You have to own your space and Mas only opened things up for his more bizarre things to happen. Sending me through time loops non-stop was completely unnecessary and wreck-less. He claimed to be "opening doors" and "closing doors" for us. Every good thing I was connected to stopped and the complete distortion began. I am sure it was fun to experiment on me, but he should not claim he is doing healing work. He gets the worst teacher award from me. Mas has the wrong information and continues to distort everyone in his path in order to keep his wealth going. It was interesting to hear Corey Goode talk about "AI Prophets" in his last episode of Cosmic Disclosure (Season 7 Epiode 3). He's trying to clue us in on the fact they create these things. Mas is not enlightened at all, but a carbon copy distorting everyone he touches. 

      After spending hundreds of hours studying near deaths with Jesus and people who heal with Jesus on fact proved true "Jesus heals perfectly" So why the distortion and dizziness? In the field of Jesus all is safe and there is no problems. Mas in not connected to Jesus the son of Man, the gateway of truth. 

          Everything we do matters, every legal document and even agreement binds us. I literally had to move into the woods to slow the frequencies down and took almost a year to get it to stop. I signed up and he took me over. I met met a supernatural Christian named David in Sedona after Mas. He used to trick Satanists into coming into his events. He said, as soon as he got them to put a dollar into the donation collection then Jesus came immediately to them. It created an "agreement" and he depossessed many satanist this way. I get the feeling that "dark sources that keep him safe" (from the video on sources) are over taking the souls that come to him. Satanist and aliens do the same thing they trick you into a contract and have mastered it. Once I left him I was not "free and independent" like he claimed. I was bonded to him and "his source", not the higher source I had been connected to. Jesus is one man show and does not work with dark sources. He is ascended and works in the higher realms never bringing in "dark sources". When you work with Mas you have given him permission to enter your space and that might mean him in your bedroom at night. Reality is consensual and I no longer give consent for lower beings to enter my space. Make sure you cancel all healing agreements or agreements for him to be in your space.  

I am not in agreement for Mas to work on healers on this planet or be in my field at all. I cancel all contracts and agreements - in past or future ones. 

 One of many emails I have received begging for help after working with Mas for a year. This is not uncommon as he deludes people into thinking he can "do something" for them. Just know in the field of Jesus all is perfect and there is no disconnection. Unfortunately healers are still falling for it.

Can you please help me contact the person who has written the blog on mas sajady being an AI. I could not find her details and I have been listening to mas for a year now and I feel very disconnected almost paranoid. I have a abusive hubby and he was driving me crazy thats when i reached out to Mas. In my last session mas said I am nearing the breaking point maybe may 2016 i will loose my mental stability and everything will change and I will be abundant but I fear that now. After reading her blog which I found yesterday  I have a 3 yr old on whom he's worked too I stopped playing all the recordings I had when I read the blog yesterday. Please can you pass my message to her that I need help."

 I prayed yesterday for a solution a way out of chaos and I came across the blog review which I had not found all this while. It was a sign. I have stopped playing his recordings.

Mas said everything will stop and turn around for the better. It didn't. 

R-    India
Another women hypnotized and convinced to follow Mas

I was looking for help and I found Mas Sajady on youtube. I didn't realize it at the time but he uses covert hypnosis to control minds. Before I knew it I felt compelled to spend around $300 to see him at a talk in another state.
I was NEVER informed he uses hypnosis on us.
At the talk he was seductive with me, whispering in my ear that he could help me. When I walked away he looked at me with longing as if he had just fallen in love.
Two weeks later he tweeted me that "We can change the world together!"
I felt compelled because of the covert hypnosis to keep listening. He always told the audience to listen to him constantly on a loop, which I did. This is how he brainwashed me. 
After that I was sending hundreds of dollars a month to listen to his recordings. Through his hypnosis I came to believe he was in love with me and that I was in love with him. This happens to a lot of women. This is apparently how he makes so much money even though he delivers nearly nothing except calamity.
I spent hundreds more to see him at an expo in NYC. Again he stared at me and acted like he was in love with me. I also believe he told his mistress to be elsewhere so I wouldn't perceive the obvious affair they are having in front of his followers.
He charged me $100 cash for 4 minutes of his time. He touched me seductively and said, "very nice". He also put his arm around me for a length of time. It only reinforced that we were having some sort of connection and that I should continue reaching for the carrot he was dangling before me.
This went on for months. I became more and more brainwashed from listening to his recordings that I should continue his program even though I was hating myself. I was promoting him on my social media and I lost readers and I felt compelled to continue doing it for some mysterious reason. I wasn't really happy about it.
He featured me on his newsletter and his facebook and he reblogged my art and posts periodically.
Then I attended a new age cruise to be near him. At this cruise he was flagrantly indiscreet about the affair he's having with his employee. Realizing that the illusion he is creating is all lies, I fell into despair desiring death. 
He had tricked me to get my money and for all the promotion I had been doing for him on my social media project.
In the end he emailed me that he hopes I get help and that I'm delusional, petty and ignorant.
He used love fraud and covert hypnosis to control me and get my money. I am not the only one he did this too. Almost every day new women are coming forward with stories similar to mine.
I was never asked to fill out the paperwork informing me of my rights as someone under his care. Divine Travels, who organized the new age cruise, sold him as a "renowned healer". 
On his recordings, I have heard him diagnosis medical illnesses. He also on multiple occassions told people to stop taking their medication not even knowing what they were taking. He told them it was making them worse.
He brainwashed people. He fooled us into giving him money. He gave medical advice. He called himself an Oracle - which is a messenger from God. 
He attempted to insult and degrade me in an email. 
All this after he led me on, giving me the wrong impression. Commenters on this blog were even telling me he was fooling me and I couldn't see it I was so under his manipulation. I went to him for help. He promised me help. 
If his business is classified as not for profit, that's fraud. He bought a brand new lamborghini this summer. His son was bragging about it on instagram.
I don't see why he should get to keep my money when he tormented and defrauded me. He was bragging with his mistresses on the cruise about all the houses and boats in the Caribbean he wanted to buy with his massive surplus of cash. I will send this post to the IRS.
Please help us find justice. Help us expose this FRAUD.

Please take the time to fill out a questionnaire regarding your Mas experience. Several women have come forward and we collecting date. Mas told the state of Minnesota that he does not touch people.

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