Friday, January 13, 2017

Being Innocent - The creation of the super hero - "The Programming game"

          I continue to pull back from the Mas experience and I get another email that respires me writing around this issue. Eve Lorgen contacted immedialty after I writing this blog, I realized a message needs to be delivered. I watched so many masters who created more delusions in people's mind and Mas is one. A "Master Buddha" in Vegas told me he was the Krishna of the earth and I was Radha. I knew that wasn't true but he was from Sri Lanka and they have high games around that stuff. He had a near death when he was twenty five and came back with a bunch of supernatural gifts. Overtime he began to manipulate people with them. He thought he was a high Buddha, but what I realized is a bunch of Buddhas climbed into him when he died. He presented himself as something greater and people believed him. He began to manipulate through sexual energies and took over as many women as possible. One man stimulating a group of women creates a psycho game immediately. People thought he was their soul mate and he played a game with that.  He always picked the pure people out to be a part of his game. When I visited I noticed they were all innocent type people looking to spiritually evolved. 

      Mas draws in very pure people into his group and they immediately start getting programmed by him. Mas states himself now that he is a programmer, but people are slow to catch on. He may have been innocent himself before he got programmed. I saw at one point Mas was programmed with "Dolphin frequencies" copied from dolphins. People experience some type of infinite love that is technology based from what he was programmed with. There were many studies by our own military and Russians around healing with dolphin frequencies. People do not have the knowledge base to understand someone can program any energy with technology, it's a carbon copy that creates a distortion. 

        When he died he signed a contract to have money and I realized his greed tricked him into a "blood contract" possibly with dark aliens. Many women go into a fantasy about Mas and I saw a similar game that was happening in Vegas. Mas is the biggest mind control specialist under the "pure source" labeling I have seen. After his clinics I noticed how the women wanted to sex with him and I began to think men should not work with women healers. I realized that sex is like marrying someone energetically and I got in a contract by doing those clinics. It was stupid for me to participate in the sensuality clinic. He came right into me creative force and and all the way into my body. He obviously made some big alien agreements that he hides with the "I made a contract with Jesus fantasy. " Here's a big clue about Mas, when he says something like "you all have spells on you" - he just cast one. This is how the dark energies work, they tell you. At the event I went to in San Franscico he said "You are all hypnotized" and we were. I never came out until I passed away, then I had a second awakening. Someone else can completely manipulate you reality if you let them. Yes we are never a victim but lack of knowledge around this stuff sets you up as one. 

       After reading a email that was sent to me where a women thought Mas was her twin flame, I saw a clear pattern. Mas wrote her a email where he told her she was delusional and put the game on her. ( I have a copy of it below).  He seems to be is unaware that he programs that game into women. I watched this happen to so many women who got near him, this is typical in alien love bite. I felt for this women as he put her in that altered hypnotic state and then writes a email telling her she is delusional. He then said he wanted to "help her", but it was clear he should be the one to help her.  I watched her podcast on Mas and I could see she was an intelligent women getting confused by the Mas programming. After a few days of disconnecting from Mas she recognized she was in a hypnotic state and now is walking away. She went through another awakening of her own and her clarity. I could see who she really was and Mas had completely clouded her space with his energy distortions. She has the awareness now that she was in an altered state that was confusing her. Once away, she began to go into a clearer space and I recognized who she really was. 

This is a example of hooking "Mas told her they would change the world together". Later he sent her a email telling her she was delusional. 
 I met him at a healing in CT. He whispered in my ear: "I can help you."
Two weeks later he tweeted me "We can change the world together"

"Through post hypnotic suggestion I came to believe we were in a relationship. I sent him thousands of dollars and spent most of my time promoting him on my social media which resulted in me losing part of my readership.
After a year of promoting him while I paid him thousands of dollars he emailed me that I'm delusional, petty and ignorant."  T-

       When you are with a clear grounded teacher, that is the energy that happens. Going the native americans group reminded me what my other teachers were like. We did not go into deluded fantasies, that only happens if the teacher is in a deluded fantasy. I was thankful my original female teacher who emailed me reminding me of the clear being I had been. Just another example what Mas can do to a women space. 

      I went to see a local talk by Dr Bruce Lipton a expert on DNA about 10 years ago. After, I briefly studied his work how DNA really is correlating with your direct environment, not your just your genetics. He did many scientific studies to prove this fact. Being in Mas's field can change you to his energy or create delusions. People get caught on the idea that its all our own thoughts, we are directly affected by being with someone who is on a fantasy if we engage in that energy field. I also studied and attended some training with Deepak Chopra in Denver, Colorado. He spoke how when we get together we plug into the back of each other's head (like the movie Avatar). We are sharing information and something pure can be become sick from being with the wrong people. I was told in my life review when I passed away from Mas's program, some of the people I chosen to be in my life been my issue this - this included him. I have met saints who spend all their time alone and now I understand why. I studied some Yogananda's writing and he said some people are energy suckers. It was interesting words from such an enlightened man's mouth. He said people who felt other's people's emotions are "Christ like" and I realized the empaths of the world are more like christ. He was affected by being around lower energy fields himself and he was one of the highest masters that walked the earth. As intuitive I could feel someone else's pain, or anger. Mas told a women that the psychopath who shot her son "deserved a medal". He brought my sisters suicide onto his forum like a reality show and called it creepy the day after. I realized he operates like a psychopath hurting people who were just traumatized. I find it completely gross as I operated with compassion. I can see why he is being attacked now, he publicly humiliated people on his program all the time. 

     My friend who was a highly developed spiritual women, went into a state where she had a huge sexual fantasy about him. After she did not even like him and I could see she didn't know what had hit her. This is what the "Alien Love Bite" looks like, the women gets harvested in the process. I saw that the beings use a image of Mas as angel, they get excited and a demonic type being receives the energy. This propels the master as he begins to gain power and uses it to his advantage. The women who thought Mas was her twin flame also was receiving guidance from Mas at night and did a podcast on it. The constant guidance from Mas in my dreams also happened to me and it was not the right information for me. I call this "avatar programming" and I had to get it out like a infection or a computer virus. His guidance was not the right guidance and came from what he was programmed with. I have seen so many women ago into a distorted fantasy about him and even watched a women write crazy sexual love poems on his Facebook. When the women get away from him, they no longer even even have any kind of attraction. I realized he was just computer programmer in his own fantasy, or a computer nerd creating huge fantasies. He wanted to create himself as a god and has done a god job implanting that. The sex clinics really screws women up as he allows his sexual energy to stimulate them. It sets up the worst game as the women get more plugged into him and harvest games starts. When I woke up one night to him sexually stimulating in until orgasmed I was shocked. At first I thought it was a upgrade or it was suppose to happen. That was a harvest game that I never had a desire for. Many women seem to have a fantasy who Mas is, but I see its a simulated fantasy and that really infects women. I never wanted to have sex with him and fought off any desires yet in my night space they were installed. This is the "alien love bite" experience and not someone in delusions - I DID NOT WANT HIM YET IT KEPT TRYING TO PROGRAM THAT.

      I tended to go into innocent states where I think all people are good and everything is god. Someone can program you so full awareness of that is needed. I learned the hard way that there are other sources. Mas always says "a pure source" and never says "the source". Their is a huge difference in that statement it leaves it open to be a spaceship or a computer. I know he must have changed overtime but I can see the same program is running the women. They think he is some kind of superhero and that was programmed into me to. When I was at his event in Minneapolis he told a women her angels were impure. Now I see that as a delusional statement as angels are just manifestations of light. He put himself in the superhero position and mass market for a big following.  His hypnotic meditations create a another erngy or frequency that causes distortion to a soul.  I watched a video (at 19:00 min) on youtube about this women who was hypnotized to thinking she was "the Madonna" and began to do miracle healing. Later, she was put in a mental hospital after they realized she was in fantasy. I began to realize how big of a fantasy Mas created at one point by dropping to his knees in New York where he got a upgrade. He created himself as a superhero of some kind, Jesus just super blessed him for us. It has worked for him and he is programmed to hypnotize people. In that state he can make you think anything. I remember his co-host in San Francisco dancing around while he worked on people like a MK Ultra victim. The last episode of Cosmic Disclosure was by far the most interesting one as it discuses who alien civilizations of artificial android like people. They can reproduce technology in their body. The most upsetting thing about Mas not that he made up stuff during my readings, but what he installed at the end. He had been installing things all along, but at the end something terrible came in. I paid a great deal of money only to be fucked with and lied to. I have forgiven him but he continues on with his fantasy game. Apparently, Mas needs a babysitter full time. I lost my true state and took over a year to get help. Just know he is the KING of fantasy and not your hero. I thought that too and help me awaken further on the "fantasy" software game. I lost all my friends who did the program and has been difficult to reconnect. They were all fucked up after go his hold and they had a hard time getting themselves back together. My sister shot herself after he worked with me. I wondered if he just removed her or did something to her. When I met Mas I was in love with another man and that quickly disappeared after I started his program. He separates you and so many people want to commit suicide after they work with him and they are afraid to come forward.

        I see the constant marketing of "Mas had two nears deaths with Jesus" as the biggest bullshit game out there. They use Jesus to promote world wide, yes I am judging. I have had a few near deaths - does that make me great ? Another game to be aware if someone having a greater experience that they use to market and build a belief. I saved a email I sent to family while I was on the programs I can see the belief that was programmed in. I am only posting this because everyone who meets Mas has some type of fantasy. 

I wrote the paragraph to my family: My fantasy about Mas after I started the program
Here is your christmas gifts and introduction to a man I have been working with for six months. One the greatest men to walk the earth during these times help your sister cross over and is healing genetic family lines for all of you. He had two near deaths and second time he was remade and sent back. The second time he said he was greeted by Jesus he says he signed a contract with Jesus to come back and do this work. They chopped he to pieces and he was remade. He has had so many cases of cancer heal  and other things he quit documenting it. I have met some of those who were healed. He breaks limiting beliefs systems. He has unveiled higher levels of truth on this plane that I really didn't want to see. 
To access just hit on link and you will be brought to a media player

Group Healing | judgeMENTAL Part I & II
Part I | Free to be Me | TODAY December 10 | 11:30am CT
Just remember that sometimes, the way you think of or what you say about a person, isn't the way they actually are.  ~ John Green

          True wisdom come from the experience. Knowledge with out wisdom is somewhat worthless. Mas's favorite fan Mona asks on Facebook  "how do you know this?" as response to comment someone made about him. If you have the experience, you know its true. Many people who gain power think they are enlightened and begin to treat others as their toys. When you see a teacher driving lamborghini he bought from "healing you" run, run fast. 

        Now I think he's the biggest delusion available, but they created a fantasy about him and it worked on my mind. This is what I want people to wake up to is the fantasy programming. I thought he was avatar, he likes that game. A virtual avatar programmer still wanting sex, worst possible scenario for women. He needs energy to re-create himself and he gets it from the women. Aliens get energy from women to create because they are not connected to the true source or Jesus. This is why they plug into women, they are separated from the creator source. The women who thought Mas was his twin flame also saw him as some great avatar or something. He created a game, a month from now she will not even want to look at him. I realize "being enlightened" is the biggest game on the planet. How much longer will the game continue......... What will be the new game today? 
              Love comes in many forms.

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