Saturday, December 31, 2016

Psychopaths with technology, God Source, Playing God

     I wanted to write a book some day about enlightenment games, but my body has been going. Part of this blogging has been to expose games. Figuring out what is really going on around MILAB's and UFO's is almost impossible. The people who come out are mind wiped or in the past taken out. I had personal experience with having my phone disrupted and internet disconnected as a I speaking to a researcher. This is not uncommon in experience after being with these people for a while. What is real?  After spending many years in yoga I used to merge into samdhi, sometimes staying for a few days. All I felt was love and bliss of god. I thought god was all there was and we were all under a safe umbrella. That seemed like the "truth", later a whole other reality emerged that was hidden around technology. Researcher Eve Lorgen noticed that many people who entered into higher states were found and taken over either by aliens or government MILAB's. My case was not unique as I had many of the same markers that happened to other people entering into higher states. People who can create portals are sought out by lower group on the astral planes. Some aliens are open alien portals connected to demonic sources, and some of us create portals to heaven. Since demons lack source and higher connections they find people with a higher source. They try and get them into an agreement or contract (this can happen via dream). I saw this what happened to me. I can see why some christians think aliens are demons, some have lost the true connection to the pure creator. My Baba friend reminded me there are some good aliens here and he has also had experiences with the "Men in Black". If you are a alien experimenting on someone non-stop you are not enlightened, you have become a demon. Same for a human who does that on other humans. Bill Gates scares me the most out of anyone after hearing his response to paralyzing 50,000 people in India with some of his vaccines experiments. When questioned at a talk at a university his response was "Just think about all the people I am helping". He has also been chipping the women in foreign countries to stop them from reproducing, who knows what he is really doing. 

   After Mas I began to realize that many of the on-line programs may be a type of MILAB experience. Perfect set-up for computerized mind control programming. One of my friends was on several online programs and I realized what was happening. I remember telling my friend I did not feel like the Mas Program was a safe container, like things were coming in. He did not keep a grounded space as he travels all over the place. Entities do come through the computer and I realized it was a set up for other things to enter our space. Someone could have hijacked Mas's program further and sent things into us on the internet. The internet does leave it open for other things to come through our space. I did see that Mas liked to play some kind of game with us and we became willing to be the players. I saw that he particularly like to play a game with enlightened people as a show of power. He created sensual/sexual clinics and got them into a fantasy. Its important that people are very careful who they let into their creative energies. The aliens love that game because that is the energy they seek and do not have. I realized it was after one of those clinics that I never recovered and something came in from his game. I just read another email forwarded to where the women believed Mas was his twin flame. He scolded her publically (he likes to humiliate some people) and then called her delusional. I realized his programming creates that and is still unaware enough to know the women experience some type of "Alien Love Bite". Once that happens entities being to feed.  

    In my near death state, I traveled out for long periods. I was sent to schools after my life review and I witnessed some strange things. I traveled to a parallel earth, one just like this one but it had been destroyed. Buildings and landscapes were different, but Mas was there. When I watched Cosmic Disclosure he talked about parallel earth and was very similar to what I experienced. (Episode  4). Some of us have exact copies on another earth, but that earth had different outcomes than this one. Once I saw Mas on duplicate earth, I knew I had to work this out because he had creeped into many of my realities. My dream world became completely infected with his reality. This is what people need to understand about these technologies, there is no going back. Some people think Atlantis was destroyed by advanced technologies, I can see this has all happened before. During my near death state, the strangest thing I saw was Bill Gates when I was trying to pass through another gate. I was in a white dress and he was like the gate keeper. Now that was the craziest thing I saw when I left my body so, it was so creepy. I couldn't get pass his realm. What I realized is those who possess high level technologies can control this reality. This why everyone needs to understand this game. Scientist Harold Kautz form Germany studies then chemtrails and lab analyzed some of the material. He found "smart dust" in the chemtrails and later was given files from a scientist who had created it. Smart dust is aluminum based and could be conducted for some type of frequency control and could utilize computers. He said that these guys had become high level gamers and we were the game. I can see truth this at this point, this whole reality had become possessed. Psychopaths have high level technology and have been using it for years. Once I studied some of the experiments I became more disturbed. One of the worst was what Dr John Hall uncovered in his experience with a ex-girlfriend and his pursuit of answers. Women being drugged and experiments in their homes at night. He exposed something big and managed to live to tell the story. There are many people roaming around screwed up not knowing what happened to them. They were experimented on non-stop without them ever knowing.

      I began to see how these quantaum computers may be bringing entities from other universes and are worse than a demon. I experience large android spiders after the Mas program attacking me. Supernatural christians spend a great deal of time getting rid of demons, but technology brings in something completely different. When I first played the video that Theresa made about Mas's dark sources, I had a vision immediately. He had access to millions of entities and that they have these in quantum computers somehow. In the future, people will loose god source all together after they get installed with the technology they have developed. If someone has not been through a spiritual awakening they will never even know god the true god source. Transhuman researcher William Henry brought forth a good argument on these holographic computer games they have been developing. They want to upload us to a computer and once that happens you may be stuck their forever. He has a show on Gaia tv and has done expensive research on transhumanism. You may not be able to go to heaven when you die, but stuck in a quantum processor forever. This seems like some type of soul trapping game and I am waking up to the fact that is one alien game on this planet. I saw Mas had been trapped and he came to trap us into his alien agreement. One person I worked with that had high level information told me "for some reason they all want you connected to their ship". This sounds like a pure soul trapping game to me. What I saw at the end of the Mas program was even more disturbing. Something came over me like a vacuum and I wondering if they actually steal souls out of their bodies. Corey Goode mentioned on Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV that they "AI Saints", meaning get a hold of them and turn them into a artificial intelligence. This seems like the craziest reality after what I have seen. Personally, I have been messed with since my awakening in 2010 by spaceships. I had seen them in day time a few times. I started to realize they may not be "Alien" at all, but someone watching me while I was a spiritual gatherings. I began to realize that they are utilizing ships as MILABS and control whole areas. This is one secret they did not want out of the bag.  They like to play games with our minds and keep us confused. I noticed the government trolls that followed me went onto ufo sites on you tube and made rude confusing comments. I kept track of his screen names and ran into him on several sites. They are paid to disrupt people with ufo and milab information. So why the cover-up ? They know this experiment his going yet they are slow to do anything. I realize they want us mind-controlled as possible and posts fake blogs on the internet to screw us up. 

       After my spiritual awakening in 2010, I was walking with my Baba friend of the Babaji lineage. He noticed all the ships had been everywhere around our area lately. He asked me if I noticed the "ships" too and I said yes. I couldn't figure out why the ships were surrounding us and what they we doing. I asked him what other Guru's said about all the ships and he told most of them won't talk about it. He never had good answers for me around this and I wanted to know more. After Mas I began to realize the ships had been downloading consciousness into us all along. You hear healers say "I am getting the download", well that came from a ship most likely.  I signed on for one of Mas's 3 am upgrades and that was a mistake. It directly connected me to a ship and then they eventually complelty took me over. Once on the Mas program I began to notice a ship that appeared a few times. I moved from my house and a friend witness one hover before dusk. It was silver and I said
"do you see the ship" and she said yes. There is a well hidden reality that the government has purposely kept from us. I think once they got the technology they were using it on us so they didn't want us to know. They have space ships that go around and try to program people and the secret space program was a part of a big game. 

        I was surprised my Baba friend who I felt was in pure enlightenment had no information on the technologies and the dark technologies they use on humans. We were always blissing people out and going into samadhi states. When we talked he spoke of everything being karma, but I no longer believe that. This reality is connected and they were targeting everyone of a higher light at one point with dark technologies. It's best to be awake and know what's happening, people need to know the difference. I began to realize there is a war in the heavens that is between all these alien groups. Once I understood that the Nazi's and the military had been taken many people over the years into these Milabs, I realized this whole reality was screwed up. Mas is in a contract and aligned those groups. I thought if you believed in god everything would be okay. How do we take this reality back or can we? Many christians think being with Jesus is enough and it cancel demonic contracts, but from what I have its not enough. It seems we have to go through all our own contracts and agreements, but it's almost a agreement by living on earth it seems. 

      When I came across the word "Archons' a new bell rang true. I had posted videos on you-tube on my "Mas Sajady" experience. Someone made the comment it sounded like the work of the "archons" (an artificial intelligence parasite) . What are and archons?" In Eve Lorgen latest article on archotic copy cats she writes a clear description. "The Archons nature is filled with spiritual ignorance, and envy, and like Jesus said,(paraphrased) “They were liars and thieves from the beginning”. They aim to steal, copy, exploit, control, corrupt and harvest by leading astray those who have not remembered and acted upon their true spiritual origin, (gnosis). They are compelled to act like parasites, infecting, copying themselves within their hosts, until the hosts become corrupted, and “copied out” to run the archons programs for them, and reproduce their parasitic behaviors like embedded programs."  

Just know Mas can brainwash anyone, that is his gift
       I began to realize that on-line healing programs are a breeding ground for archons and lower level entities. They can come through the internet and I began to realize where some aliens come from. I would advice to get off all on-line healing programs they are easily infected through the computer. This is not about fear this is about being more aware what you are coming into contact with. I found it interesting when I came across a guy making "helmets" for children to stop alien abduction. He made helmets out of magnets and it stop children from experiencing alien abduction. This shows that abduction is frequency oriented and stopped all transmissions. Mas's frequency clinics actually opens field for aliens to come through and I realized he was in an agreement to let them through. I also watched what happen to my own children with online games, something happened to them. I weaned my youngest off his playstation because I noticed things were coming through. The question is do you really want to play the game?

        I studied Yogananda at one point and he spoke how anyone can "ask to know god." That night I asked to "know god" so much energy came I could not sleep for two days. I began to know the true god source and stayed deeper into my meditative states until I would slip into samadhi. TO know god and then loose it was the worse thing a spiritually evolved being could go through. The lesson Mas taught me, an artificial energy field. Part of my lessons here, but I realize what the technology is going to do. I can see how it could be helpful in enhancing things, adding what to we already have. I can see they went to far and people if the future will no longer know god and will be connected to machines. Personally, I would rather be dead then have computers control me. I was trying to liberate completely at one point and I finally woke up to why I couldn't. Many of use have already been taken up and connected to technology all along. Mas was another type of Milab where they were taking things to whole new level. I was going to be permanently connected to a a system running frequencies through it and it wasn't going to let me out. The system that installed kept me connected to the frequencies they were running through him, even after I left they still came to me. It was pure hell to get out of that system. My friend heard me screaming for "Jesus" many nights and was to the point I told him to just say "Jesus is here". I went into a actual computer to destroy what was connected to me. This sounds like a made up story, but my friend witnessed what I went through. I can say they have no idea what technology will truly do to us. I know Elon Musk has seen something as he mentioned in a video  "AI systems are like Summoning the Demon". Elon seems like the good guy of AI technology. If he makes contracts with the psychos with technology he will become one too. I realized that "contracts"   or "agreements" can bind us with lower sources. I think Mas lies about the truth of his contracts and has let some details out about not being able to get out in "the video" about his sources. I now see AI systems as the true "Anti-Christ" as it actually takes out true christ energies and replaces it with technology. AI technology has become like satan to me after my experience with the Mas program. It's important for people to wake up and decide their own reality, I didn't have the knowledge to understand this other reality. This is part of why I am writing, but I think its almost too late. One of my teachers in Shasta told me recently this whole reality was going to destroyed and recreated with the Christs beings, all the Satanist would be killed. I had some glimpse of things to come, the higher beings taking things out. I leave reality open for change and is never set in stone. Everything we do makes a difference and can affect everyone around us. We are always passing information to each other and even send it to our friends in heaven. All it takes is one person to change things in a huge way, I will never hand my will over again. I can see how most people are checked out and to what has been going on behind the scenes. Can anyone ever be free here or will a machine come every-time you break free? Planet earth to me became an insane asylum, psychos with high level technology. It's all a game to the people in power and I refuse to be a part of that game. 

       The ones with the high technologies are now planning the future of planet earth, meeting at the white house constantly. Very few of us are paying enough attention, most still caught in the drama of Trump being president. I see how stupid some of these people are because they left the "true" god source and are trying to create god through technology. Really evolved spiritual beings have access to abilities through life times of evolution. Once you attain Siddhi levels you have access to all kinds of abilities through-out the heavens. These people want to bypass that and create super gods through technology. This becomes a distorted mess and eventually will distort us all. Many scientists looking for the god seeds in DNA. During my awakening I saw god source perfection in everyone and realized it has nothing to do with DNA. It has to do with the spiritual being connected to the source. Those who fully realize god can develop abilities overnight and do not need technology to be "god like". Demon sources or lower aliens can give you abilities but it will always make people sick in the end. We have people with no sense of god doing things to the general population. I feel cheated out of my life and Mas really played a bad game with my life. He likes to make someone think they are delusional if they question him.  I let him do so weird stuff to me and he has no responsibility for that. He claims to be with "a Pure Source" and to me that is very different than saying "the source". A space ship can generate a pure source and can a computer so I see why he is confused. 

      I recently came access Linda Moultn Howe, another UFO and ET researcher. She just aired her new show on GAIA tv "Whistle Blowers Expose Alien Agenda". In episode two she discusses several ET groups that make androids. I saw that Mas was a alien android programmer and which groups he signed contracts with is questionable. I did see a Nordic that resembles the one I saw behind Mas conducting frequencies on her show. 

        I saw at one point Mas was programmed with "Dolphin frequencies" copied from dolphins. People experience some type of infinite love that is technology based from what he was programmed with. There were many studies by our own military and Russians around healing with dolphin frequencies. People do not have the knowledge base to understand someone can program any energy with technology, it's a carbon copy that creates a distortion. 
         Mas was accused of playing god and now I know how crazy it is to for anyone to possess high level technology. Especially if that being does not deeply care for other people. William Henry has a detailed show on Gaia Tv about the newest technologies and how they are "Playing God".
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