Saturday, December 31, 2016

Psychopaths with technology, God Source, Playing God

     I wanted to write a book some day about enlightenment games, but my body has been going. Part of this blogging has been to expose games. Figuring out what is really going on around MILAB's and UFO's is almost impossible. The people who come out are mind wiped or in the past taken out. I had personal experience with having my phone disrupted and internet disconnected as a I speaking to a researcher. This is not uncommon in experience after being with these people for a while. What is real?  After spending many years in yoga I used to merge into samdhi, sometimes staying for a few days. All I felt was love and bliss of god. I thought god was all there was and we were all under a safe umbrella. That seemed like the "truth", later a whole other reality emerged that was hidden around technology. Researcher Eve Lorgen noticed that many people who entered into higher states were found and taken over either by aliens or government MILAB's. My case was not unique as I had many of the same markers that happened to other people entering into higher states. People who can create portals are sought out by lower group on the astral planes. Some aliens are open alien portals connected to demonic sources, and some of us create portals to heaven. Since demons lack source and higher connections they find people with a higher source. They try and get them into an agreement or contract (this can happen via dream). I saw this what happened to me. I can see why some christians think aliens are demons, some have lost the true connection to the pure creator. My Baba friend reminded me there are some good aliens here and he has also had experiences with the "Men in Black". If you are a alien experimenting on someone non-stop you are not enlightened, you have become a demon. Same for a human who does that on other humans. Bill Gates scares me the most out of anyone after hearing his response to paralyzing 50,000 people in India with some of his vaccines experiments. When questioned at a talk at a university his response was "Just think about all the people I am helping". He has also been chipping the women in foreign countries to stop them from reproducing, who knows what he is really doing. 

   After Mas I began to realize that many of the on-line programs may be a type of MILAB experience. Perfect set-up for computerized mind control programming. One of my friends was on several online programs and I realized what was happening. I remember telling my friend I did not feel like the Mas Program was a safe container, like things were coming in. He did not keep a grounded space as he travels all over the place. Entities do come through the computer and I realized it was a set up for other things to enter our space. Someone could have hijacked Mas's program further and sent things into us on the internet. The internet does leave it open for other things to come through our space. I did see that Mas liked to play some kind of game with us and we became willing to be the players. I saw that he particularly like to play a game with enlightened people as a show of power. He created sensual/sexual clinics and got them into a fantasy. Its important that people are very careful who they let into their creative energies. The aliens love that game because that is the energy they seek and do not have. I realized it was after one of those clinics that I never recovered and something came in from his game. I just read another email forwarded to where the women believed Mas was his twin flame. He scolded her publically (he likes to humiliate some people) and then called her delusional. I realized his programming creates that and is still unaware enough to know the women experience some type of "Alien Love Bite". Once that happens entities being to feed.  

    In my near death state, I traveled out for long periods. I was sent to schools after my life review and I witnessed some strange things. I traveled to a parallel earth, one just like this one but it had been destroyed. Buildings and landscapes were different, but Mas was there. When I watched Cosmic Disclosure he talked about parallel earth and was very similar to what I experienced. (Episode  4). Some of us have exact copies on another earth, but that earth had different outcomes than this one. Once I saw Mas on duplicate earth, I knew I had to work this out because he had creeped into many of my realities. My dream world became completely infected with his reality. This is what people need to understand about these technologies, there is no going back. Some people think Atlantis was destroyed by advanced technologies, I can see this has all happened before. During my near death state, the strangest thing I saw was Bill Gates when I was trying to pass through another gate. I was in a white dress and he was like the gate keeper. Now that was the craziest thing I saw when I left my body so, it was so creepy. I couldn't get pass his realm. What I realized is those who possess high level technologies can control this reality. This why everyone needs to understand this game. Scientist Harold Kautz form Germany studies then chemtrails and lab analyzed some of the material. He found "smart dust" in the chemtrails and later was given files from a scientist who had created it. Smart dust is aluminum based and could be conducted for some type of frequency control and could utilize computers. He said that these guys had become high level gamers and we were the game. I can see truth this at this point, this whole reality had become possessed. Psychopaths have high level technology and have been using it for years. Once I studied some of the experiments I became more disturbed. One of the worst was what Dr John Hall uncovered in his experience with a ex-girlfriend and his pursuit of answers. Women being drugged and experiments in their homes at night. He exposed something big and managed to live to tell the story. There are many people roaming around screwed up not knowing what happened to them. They were experimented on non-stop without them ever knowing.

      I began to see how these quantaum computers may be bringing entities from other universes and are worse than a demon. I experience large android spiders after the Mas program attacking me. Supernatural christians spend a great deal of time getting rid of demons, but technology brings in something completely different. When I first played the video that Theresa made about Mas's dark sources, I had a vision immediately. He had access to millions of entities and that they have these in quantum computers somehow. In the future, people will loose god source all together after they get installed with the technology they have developed. If someone has not been through a spiritual awakening they will never even know god the true god source. Transhuman researcher William Henry brought forth a good argument on these holographic computer games they have been developing. They want to upload us to a computer and once that happens you may be stuck their forever. He has a show on Gaia tv and has done expensive research on transhumanism. You may not be able to go to heaven when you die, but stuck in a quantum processor forever. This seems like some type of soul trapping game and I am waking up to the fact that is one alien game on this planet. I saw Mas had been trapped and he came to trap us into his alien agreement. One person I worked with that had high level information told me "for some reason they all want you connected to their ship". This sounds like a pure soul trapping game to me. What I saw at the end of the Mas program was even more disturbing. Something came over me like a vacuum and I wondering if they actually steal souls out of their bodies. Corey Goode mentioned on Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV that they "AI Saints", meaning get a hold of them and turn them into a artificial intelligence. This seems like the craziest reality after what I have seen. Personally, I have been messed with since my awakening in 2010 by spaceships. I had seen them in day time a few times. I started to realize they may not be "Alien" at all, but someone watching me while I was a spiritual gatherings. I began to realize that they are utilizing ships as MILABS and control whole areas. This is one secret they did not want out of the bag.  They like to play games with our minds and keep us confused. I noticed the government trolls that followed me went onto ufo sites on you tube and made rude confusing comments. I kept track of his screen names and ran into him on several sites. They are paid to disrupt people with ufo and milab information. So why the cover-up ? They know this experiment his going yet they are slow to do anything. I realize they want us mind-controlled as possible and posts fake blogs on the internet to screw us up. 

       After my spiritual awakening in 2010, I was walking with my Baba friend of the Babaji lineage. He noticed all the ships had been everywhere around our area lately. He asked me if I noticed the "ships" too and I said yes. I couldn't figure out why the ships were surrounding us and what they we doing. I asked him what other Guru's said about all the ships and he told most of them won't talk about it. He never had good answers for me around this and I wanted to know more. After Mas I began to realize the ships had been downloading consciousness into us all along. You hear healers say "I am getting the download", well that came from a ship most likely.  I signed on for one of Mas's 3 am upgrades and that was a mistake. It directly connected me to a ship and then they eventually complelty took me over. Once on the Mas program I began to notice a ship that appeared a few times. I moved from my house and a friend witness one hover before dusk. It was silver and I said
"do you see the ship" and she said yes. There is a well hidden reality that the government has purposely kept from us. I think once they got the technology they were using it on us so they didn't want us to know. They have space ships that go around and try to program people and the secret space program was a part of a big game. 

        I was surprised my Baba friend who I felt was in pure enlightenment had no information on the technologies and the dark technologies they use on humans. We were always blissing people out and going into samadhi states. When we talked he spoke of everything being karma, but I no longer believe that. This reality is connected and they were targeting everyone of a higher light at one point with dark technologies. It's best to be awake and know what's happening, people need to know the difference. I began to realize there is a war in the heavens that is between all these alien groups. Once I understood that the Nazi's and the military had been taken many people over the years into these Milabs, I realized this whole reality was screwed up. Mas is in a contract and aligned those groups. I thought if you believed in god everything would be okay. How do we take this reality back or can we? Many christians think being with Jesus is enough and it cancel demonic contracts, but from what I have its not enough. It seems we have to go through all our own contracts and agreements, but it's almost a agreement by living on earth it seems. 

      When I came across the word "Archons' a new bell rang true. I had posted videos on you-tube on my "Mas Sajady" experience. Someone made the comment it sounded like the work of the "archons" (an artificial intelligence parasite) . What are and archons?" In Eve Lorgen latest article on archotic copy cats she writes a clear description. "The Archons nature is filled with spiritual ignorance, and envy, and like Jesus said,(paraphrased) “They were liars and thieves from the beginning”. They aim to steal, copy, exploit, control, corrupt and harvest by leading astray those who have not remembered and acted upon their true spiritual origin, (gnosis). They are compelled to act like parasites, infecting, copying themselves within their hosts, until the hosts become corrupted, and “copied out” to run the archons programs for them, and reproduce their parasitic behaviors like embedded programs."  

Just know Mas can brainwash anyone, that is his gift
       I began to realize that on-line healing programs are a breeding ground for archons and lower level entities. They can come through the internet and I began to realize where some aliens come from. I would advice to get off all on-line healing programs they are easily infected through the computer. This is not about fear this is about being more aware what you are coming into contact with. I found it interesting when I came across a guy making "helmets" for children to stop alien abduction. He made helmets out of magnets and it stop children from experiencing alien abduction. This shows that abduction is frequency oriented and stopped all transmissions. Mas's frequency clinics actually opens field for aliens to come through and I realized he was in an agreement to let them through. I also watched what happen to my own children with online games, something happened to them. I weaned my youngest off his playstation because I noticed things were coming through. The question is do you really want to play the game?

        I studied Yogananda at one point and he spoke how anyone can "ask to know god." That night I asked to "know god" so much energy came I could not sleep for two days. I began to know the true god source and stayed deeper into my meditative states until I would slip into samadhi. TO know god and then loose it was the worse thing a spiritually evolved being could go through. The lesson Mas taught me, an artificial energy field. Part of my lessons here, but I realize what the technology is going to do. I can see how it could be helpful in enhancing things, adding what to we already have. I can see they went to far and people if the future will no longer know god and will be connected to machines. Personally, I would rather be dead then have computers control me. I was trying to liberate completely at one point and I finally woke up to why I couldn't. Many of use have already been taken up and connected to technology all along. Mas was another type of Milab where they were taking things to whole new level. I was going to be permanently connected to a a system running frequencies through it and it wasn't going to let me out. The system that installed kept me connected to the frequencies they were running through him, even after I left they still came to me. It was pure hell to get out of that system. My friend heard me screaming for "Jesus" many nights and was to the point I told him to just say "Jesus is here". I went into a actual computer to destroy what was connected to me. This sounds like a made up story, but my friend witnessed what I went through. I can say they have no idea what technology will truly do to us. I know Elon Musk has seen something as he mentioned in a video  "AI systems are like Summoning the Demon". Elon seems like the good guy of AI technology. If he makes contracts with the psychos with technology he will become one too. I realized that "contracts"   or "agreements" can bind us with lower sources. I think Mas lies about the truth of his contracts and has let some details out about not being able to get out in "the video" about his sources. I now see AI systems as the true "Anti-Christ" as it actually takes out true christ energies and replaces it with technology. AI technology has become like satan to me after my experience with the Mas program. It's important for people to wake up and decide their own reality, I didn't have the knowledge to understand this other reality. This is part of why I am writing, but I think its almost too late. One of my teachers in Shasta told me recently this whole reality was going to destroyed and recreated with the Christs beings, all the Satanist would be killed. I had some glimpse of things to come, the higher beings taking things out. I leave reality open for change and is never set in stone. Everything we do makes a difference and can affect everyone around us. We are always passing information to each other and even send it to our friends in heaven. All it takes is one person to change things in a huge way, I will never hand my will over again. I can see how most people are checked out and to what has been going on behind the scenes. Can anyone ever be free here or will a machine come every-time you break free? Planet earth to me became an insane asylum, psychos with high level technology. It's all a game to the people in power and I refuse to be a part of that game. 

       The ones with the high technologies are now planning the future of planet earth, meeting at the white house constantly. Very few of us are paying enough attention, most still caught in the drama of Trump being president. I see how stupid some of these people are because they left the "true" god source and are trying to create god through technology. Really evolved spiritual beings have access to abilities through life times of evolution. Once you attain Siddhi levels you have access to all kinds of abilities through-out the heavens. These people want to bypass that and create super gods through technology. This becomes a distorted mess and eventually will distort us all. Many scientists looking for the god seeds in DNA. During my awakening I saw god source perfection in everyone and realized it has nothing to do with DNA. It has to do with the spiritual being connected to the source. Those who fully realize god can develop abilities overnight and do not need technology to be "god like". Demon sources or lower aliens can give you abilities but it will always make people sick in the end. We have people with no sense of god doing things to the general population. I feel cheated out of my life and Mas really played a bad game with my life. He likes to make someone think they are delusional if they question him.  I let him do so weird stuff to me and he has no responsibility for that. He claims to be with "a Pure Source" and to me that is very different than saying "the source". A space ship can generate a pure source and can a computer so I see why he is confused. 

      I recently came access Linda Moultn Howe, another UFO and ET researcher. She just aired her new show on GAIA tv "Whistle Blowers Expose Alien Agenda". In episode two she discusses several ET groups that make androids. I saw that Mas was a alien android programmer and which groups he signed contracts with is questionable. I did see a Nordic that resembles the one I saw behind Mas conducting frequencies on her show. 

        I saw at one point Mas was programmed with "Dolphin frequencies" copied from dolphins. People experience some type of infinite love that is technology based from what he was programmed with. There were many studies by our own military and Russians around healing with dolphin frequencies. People do not have the knowledge base to understand someone can program any energy with technology, it's a carbon copy that creates a distortion. 
         Mas was accused of playing god and now I know how crazy it is to for anyone to possess high level technology. Especially if that being does not deeply care for other people. William Henry has a detailed show on Gaia Tv about the newest technologies and how they are "Playing God".
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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Releasing now - Ending of the Story and time loop


      There is a traffic accident in front in four of you do you take that same path? Normally if you see a bad accident you go a different route. I get reinspired every someone contacts me about this thing. One young lady made a comment defending Mas telling me he is a great teacher. She then goes on to tell me he is with Jesus ( I suggest watching the video where he tells you he has dark sources and then goes on to describe soul harvest he just committed on people). I was one of him and to see him playing his game is upsetting. He has huge inconsistency he puts new people in a mirage almost instantly I think he himself is under mind control and has moments where he breaks out and then goes back into a hypnotic state. 

        I was all high in the beginning and had some healing take place. Long term people minds are completely wiped. He pulls to much out because he can't tell the difference between a demon and a high energy form. Another women contacted me yesterday who was trying to pull off who was extremely disoriented and slightly sucidal for a year after the program. She had lost her way and I could see that she had been a clear person before. I am seeing how stupid it is to have a teacher over the internet now or to do a long term program. Your teacher should be your friend not some random guy seeing if he is frequency clinic is going to work. The thing is I thought he was a online friend and I realized that was just another mirage. He does not remember most people and does get his own mind wiped on a regular basis. People are looking for truth and he thinks he has it. In higher states truth comes down from the heavens not from guy over the internet getting software updates at night.

      I like to hear peoples ideas on this program who are still on defending it. I only believed in miracles and good. A good positive outcome with no fear - I was fearless in general. Now I have discernment and complete cosmic sovereignty (the highest attainment).  Even though my body got eaten and dematerialized into sick form - I no longer hand my will to a person or programming. I see some these women in the same state I was, but I guess they want the lesson.  People get high in the beginning sometimes they make a video about how great he is. I would like the same person to make a video two years later. I felt them same way I thought he was the greatest guy and later I realized he had hidden himself.  He has never fully disclosed who is connected to and what he is doing. So many people still just hand themselves over and I can't watch it anymore. 

        I have almost left me body 3 times in the past few weeks. Something pulls me back here so I know something big occurred that the heavens wanted me to help work out.

         I had to deprogrammed from the information he sent through me in all those clinics and I see no one should ever listen recording of anything long term. He becomes the source and people become like a gosling following their parent that feeds them. I was one who said "never follow anyone even if they think they know the truth". I am upset because he can override people's guidance systems. Some worship him like he is Jesus, this is highly concerning. 

       I have to admit some of this is selfish on my part because I want to be released from the situation. It continually circles back to me. I also do not want to return to this time loop in time. Some people who come across this information wake up immediately, the smart ones. I didn't let go because a person of good consciousness don't let people go into a trap that harvests them. Others keep going on keep on believing he is something greater. That belief alone creates a hook, a rather large one. After being with someone who had 12 near deaths I realized Mas is definitely not something special.  High level Guru's give their student a upgrade when they are ready, Mas just does random shit hoping it turns out for them. Is Mas the man really there or is it a robot?

     There are better ways to heal and depossess people. Mas brings people in a machine of some sorts. Whoever runs hims has lower information. JESUS do not need SOURCE CODES, wake up. I realized a much bigger problem from this experience. Many types entities can come through quantum type processors it opens other universes. Supernatural christians are always doing demon depossession, but whatever came through this thing was next level possession. I can see maybe technology has brought many new aliens and other type entities to deal with.

    If you are smart you will study information yourself and learn about AI systems. The information I recently received had to do with this Mas is sometype of master AI system. I exposed something very big and I cannot even speak what happened after I released this blog. They have high level technologies to send a t someone non-stop to prevent from even being sane. All that stopped eventually and I decided this was important information worth dying for. 

       Really strong synchronistic occurred events around writing about this information. I wrote the blog and did not publish it on the internet. A giant hawk flew into my yard the day I wrote it and I woke up the next day it had published itself. I had not yet corrected it and is hard because the severe nerve damage that occurred after the program. A few days after it got posted, a women contacted me who was interviewing reseacher and counselor Eve Lorgen. Eve immediately then published my blog on her own website because she has seen this type of thing before. From there, it was passed onto on her colleges and made its way across the internet. Now up to 20,000 views I can see how one person standing in truth can make a difference. That is what is needed everyone needs to stand tall never allow anything. Dark technologies were sent our way and received high level black-ops with assassination scenarios. (Scenes were sent into our mind we were going to be killed ). I began to see the roots in this thing had been very deep, as it lasted for a few months. I was willing to go all the way but there was a price. Eve is used to being attacked when she exposes something and helped me understand they do it to anyone that comes forward.  This level of reality needed to be broken through for everyone. Something has changed here for everyone and even the programmers are waking up. 

         Mas had created a huge group at one point and when he did a world healing it made me sick and the walls move again. I was no longer part of the program but still affected by it. I could now see there was something much bigger going on. I think the spirit of Mas was a good man, with big ideas around getting what he wanted. He was run by something else and lost his awareness of truth. I was told so much wrong information in his program I still react when someone calls him a teacher of any kind. He was being used himself and seemed to have all kinds of ET knowledge. 

         Amazing one being can take so much control over people. He mentioned on a podcast his admiration for Hitler having so much a control over people. He tells them not to get reading from anyone but then still reads them himself. He talks about other teachers and then gets in peoples space. When I died on the program he crawled out of my body almost like a parasite, he had used me as a host. He is not aware of what he does to some people. Maybe he woke up - good for him that's what its about. I saw that the demonic beings guiding him were using him and show his image, but are in the background. 

          The recordings I have from the program when I was were were all delusional. He told us he was of a higher source and made all kinds of big claims. He told us there was going to be "a big event he need to protect us from" and then told us he knew the future but could not tell us. I could put those recording together so people could listen to them they have all kinds of mind fucking ideas about him. He also told none of us were of the pure source on-line or in true enlightenment. I can see his constant speaking of aliens and satan actually brought lower demsional beings in. I am not sure what he is doing now but he can mimic any energy and make you think Jesus thoughts. Maybe he stopped the delusional stuff and kneeling in public while getting the magical upgrade. He gave me so much false information I will not let one person do this program. He was in a spell too which I think just broke, but know they have love spell technology installed in some people on the program. The right thing to do is to walk away I am not sure if he is able to make that decision on his own. He won't choose that on his own so the guardian angel on the internet is still here for the lost souls he created.

      This whole thing is not about me and not about Mas it's about everyone on the planet. What is coming are super AI systems they have been testing for years. Many alien groups use them and so does our government. Everyone need the knowledge on this so we can be free as a society. Many people have been experimented for them to develop this stuff.  

We are gathering data as several women have come forward please take the time to fill out short questionnaire regarding your experience.

Some long term results several people have reported after Mas.
I have many emails from women on longer two years afraid to saw anything. Several are suicidal 

-Disoriented or dizzy
-Loss of spiritual energy
-Holes through out your energy body
-Suicidal thoughts
-Disconnection from spirit
-Cutting of source strings
-Implanting of dreams 
-Implants or steel rods 
-Sexual dream when they try to disconnect from Mas
-Not able to connect to source on their own
-High level fear upon disconnecting from Mas program
-Unclear on how to move forward
-Feeling completely lost
-Not able to work or loss of abundance
-Weight gain and depression
-Feeling wiped out and drained
-Complete disconnection from their true self
-High level spiritual confusion
-Complete disembodiment (especially with children)

       Several women who worked two years with Mas became suicidal after working with him. In a few cases they did not feel their own spiritual energy anymore and had been full of life before his program. In one case, she was sucidal for two years after working with him. Mas did present himself as someone who make you abundant and more connected. He made himself into the end of the road somehow, like you'll never need healing again. I found it interesting his co-host Jane went on to host another spiritual teacher after Mas. She claimed to received some type of "spiritual" gift from this other teacher and began promoting him after Mas. I hate to mention her because she seems like a good person, but I did notice she lost her spiritual energy also.

Please take a moment in your meditation and direct this to this highest creator god.
If you are connected to a church I ask to have people pray for the lost should to find god and be recreated. Thanks you
My prayer for everyone affected by this program: 
For everyone to be healed and receive a perfect new form 
(especially the dear children that lost their bodies)

Grace of GOD and Divine Love

Friday, November 25, 2016

Stockholm Syndrome

Please help me break free!!!!!

      I have noticed the people contacting me around Mas have some Stockholm syndrome. They are afraid to pull from his source and go back on their own. He entrains the word "pure source" which is a automatic connect to his source. The true source comes down form the heavens and there is plenty. I noticed I lost intelligence and so did my son from working with him. My friends appeared to become dumber also, this is a pattern we are seeing in people trying to get out. Smart gifted healers who were once independent are now lost. Is he removing intelligence? People get plugged into connecting with source through him - this is another dependency. He does not see it that way and puts down anyone else giving you guidance except for him. Many women who have contacted me are distorted and suicidal that were on a while. They have huge issues being connected again by themselves. Enlightened masters do it themselves, that's how they get to higher levels, you will never go higher playing him on loop for another few years. Break the chains.
There are people who follow Mas like a dog, thinking he is their enlightened master. I interacted with a few, very confused maniac souls.  

      I met another cult type leader who did who entrain in women on love and forgiveness. This helped keep them in place as he lied to them and messed with their minds a little. He did practices in the back ground called "black magic" using love spells. He would try and get a women to fall in love believe in him and then lock them in to his system. Later, he would get them in a trance and try to get them involved in orgies for energy. He also spoke of Jesus at the dinner table, later trying to get a women to sleep with other men in front of him. The women later are confused and lost so they stay with him. He gets them to think they need him for something or they will become successful. This is the man behind the movie "The Secret". He extorted $400,000 out of the women and then left. He was also good at getting people in some kind of love trance, long enough to get them to invest in him. He could make things happen quick, but in the long run he had them in a contract. He thought he was the Christ of the earth in fact he told me so. Others believed him too and when I see people thinking Mas is the christ I want to write more.  He moved fast like Mas and put women in a fantasy, always traveling to keep him from seeing himself. When someone makes a comment to he is with Jesus I see the lie they are in.

      After Mas, I finally learned decernment and never aligning with someone else who is not with the true source. What a difference it was when I walk in the native americans class - just pure spirit. It's not about love and forgiveness in some situations. Sometimes calling someone a sick psychopath is your no - never again. It's not a judgement it's decernement, I realized it's impossible not to judge it's the only way to know the difference. Someone can be completely crazy cult leader and people will still follow even if they see the signs, this is part stockholm syndrome. 

     I thought Mas was purer source until I was raped for energy non-stop by his beings during and after the sensual frequency clinic. I realized at the time he was opening all kinds of doorways and had no idea what he was doing. It seems innocent but I now realize anyone doing sexual stuff to women is opening doorways through them. It should never happen and especially not on-line. I told my friend I did not feel it was a safe container and later this was the issue. The reason you do not use lower or dark sources they have a tendency to feed.  When I found Theresa, she removed something very big around me from Mas's beings and I threw up violently for three hours. Whatever it was it kept me much sicker and it was one of his "Dark beings". If you feel sick and sucidal long term it may have came into you. This is not to scare its more about being with the highest source. The highest source comes from heaven and he is not aligned with that. 

Be well find your own path home - you are precious

Please take the time to fill out a short questionnaire regarding your Mas experience. Several women have had similar experiences we are collection date.

Truth testimonials page

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mas has admitted he is aligned with dark sources and not Jesus

      Recently, I have been praying for the truth to be delivered to everyone involved with this program. This is what has transpired. Mas has publicly admitted on a forum he is aligned with dark sources. This is also a good example of how dark sources disclose truth and keep you in a agreement. He describes how dark sources need souls to feed on, he is letting you he will feed in you. The sound of this thing is very strange and it seems like his sources are letting out the truth. He has kept his sources very hidden and always said a "pure source" when questioned.

       Mas disclosing actually gives permission to the darker energies to take you over. In a few near deaths I studied their were two realms to align with, an upper and a lower. Lower realms have demonic beings who can give unlimited power. There is never a reason to align with dark sources unless you want to be with lower entities. I think Mas is holding information back about what is really going on.

        A video of his own words "I have dark source that protect and keep me safe". He later goes on to describe soul harvest in depth and his own distorted state. This was the "Post Election Game" forum. This video has been removed from youtube. Mas went out of his way to get a restraining order to stop her from exposing him.

      This is a man who claims he is with Jesus, he said over and over when I was there. Why am I upset, because he lied to us. Now he speaks of him like a distant past and what I realized he has no idea what Jesus really represents. They constantly spoke of Jesus as to lure us in and did marketing on his "blood contract with Jesus". If you become sick and suicidal it's because his beings are trying to possess you. The man I met previously who was also was working with dark beings appeared to be very kind and compassionate. I am hearing some people are going to his events and becoming nauseated. This is not a detox these are your reaction to his possessing spirits.

Jesus does not need or use dark sources, he with "the source." He brings people into light and heals them. They do not get sick, they get well. 


        I have read many emails and comments from people on the program over two years - the results are not good. They are disoriented and most are sucidal after his program. Not the results they post. I do realize many feel great and high at first. Some go and make a youtube video while in that state.

      The man that helped me after Mas had several more near deaths than Mas. He was much older and wiser. When you come across a demon or dark source source you walk by it. Never get into an agreement with it. Lower sources come from the demonic realms, higher ones do not need these kind of beings. The way you master these realms is you learn the difference and walk on by. What bothers me is he always said he was with a pure source now he saying they are dark beings. Lies create another source, source cannot live with the lie. 

      Yes, you half to master both worlds you walk by the lower realms and all dark energies to go higher levels. I have seen many cult leaders get sucked into the lower realms. Next Mas will be saying it okay and you need both. He will entrain you to believe what helps him. Please take a long break and meditate by yourself (get your own answers). He can program anything, but over time it will make you separated from yourself. He does now state that he is a programmer.


       True Christ's and higher masters are humble servants of God. I spent much of my life around Saint type beings and my teachers were my friends (not my GURU).  You decide what is Mas's source?

       I do not have anything all figured out all information is posted for you to form your own thoughts. I was lucky to be friend by many teachers of a high source through my life. It helped me see through the madness created by Mas's idea that we had to get rid of all these entities and teachers. The problem is he can not see clearly see he just gets rid of everything and everyone. What is the right way? If everything is pure spirit energy why would you even work with Mas and try and get rid of everyone.

       Another post on Facebook from Mas fan said all is pure source, as she was defending him working with dark sources of energy. Mas told people their angels were impure at a event I went to. I wish I had thought about that idea, angels are just manifestations of light. Mas's work is based on getting rid of pure energy and what happened to me is other things came in to take it's place. I was so high and distorted for a year I did know. When I came off I was just so sick from what ever he channels.

What creates or opens a portal to a lower energy - (demon or satanic energy)?

1. Opening to Disembodied beings who have fallen from GOD source
2. Selfishness on a high level - this blinds someone
3. Sexual distortions or manipulations
4. Opening up to someone who is connected to lower realms
5. Lying or being deceitful - this creates a sociopath overnight
6. Aligning with someone else source instead of connecting yourself
7. Giving yourself over to another source
8. Manipulating for your own personal gain
9. AI (artificial intelligence) can bring in all kinds of entities from other universes
10. Praying can open up demon portal if this person is not connected the GOD source
11. Being at a planetary energetic portal that is to aligned with god source - it will bring lower energies
12. Manipulating for your own personal gain
13. Sick thoughts or manifestation created by greed or lust
14. If you disembody - lower forms of entities can come in
15. MAKING A AGREEMENT TO ALLOW SOMEONE ENTER YOUR SPACE gives free reign to someone else's realm. Supernatural Christians call it "giving up your authority"
16. Going in a unaware channeled space
17. Aligning with lies or distortions of truth
18. Being mean on purpose to hurt them - punishment beings
19. Manipulating for your own personal gain

      Demon realms are nothing to be afraid of Mas' put so much energy into Satanic energy when I was there that he actually brought more of it. I actually never really had the full experience of them until I met Mas - so he created it. I just saw everything as energy happening. He did enter my space and I did let him take me over. Now I know to align only with true source god. Doing a frequency clinic on witch's might actually open that realm. Everything is a manifestation and realm - so align with the highest. Mas's realm was a lower one and not aligned with the me. He disconnected my higher connections and erased energies I wanted to keep. So yes this was upsetting - over it. I forgive him for what transpired. He kept making me believe I needed to do it, yes I take responsibility for listening to him.

We all things to work on only reason I point out Mas is it was so distorting.
 I want to protect the healing community. Here is a list from the bible

How is the number 21 related to sin? (interesting Mas uses the 21 )

In 2Timothy 3 the apostle Paul writes of 21 sins which show the exceeding wickedness of self and sin. He begins the chapter with a warning and then starts his list with the words "But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will . . ."
  1. Selfishly love themselves
  2. Love money
  3. Brag quite a bit
  4. Be proud of themselves
  5. Disregard and disobey their parents
  6. Not be thankful for what they have
  7. Reject being holy
  8. Will not have natural affection
  9. Uncompromising
  10. False accuse others 
  11. Lack any self-control
  12. Fierce
  13. Hate anyone who does good
  14. Betray others
  15. Will act Hard-headed
  16. Will have exalted, selfish views
  17. Love pleasure
  18. Reject loving God
  19. Will look from the outside as being Godly
  20. On the inside they will deny God's power (2Timothy 3:1 - 4)
Paul advice to Timothy is "turn away from all these." (2Timothy 3:5) 

You can check yourself - I am not perfect either

Please take the time to fill out a questionnaire. Several women have come forward around their experience. We are collecting data.

other blogs on Mas

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

For healers - coming off the program

      I have had several healers over the past months reaching out regarding this program. I was not in a space where I could fully support someone. If you have been involved in this program this could be a shock and a huge wake up call. So much confusion around all of this with everyone - I support everyone coming back into to there own connection to Source. Not through Mas or another Master. I am currently leaving this body and feel responsibility to save the healers from this program.
       I saw that Mas had the potential to distort and ruin every healer on the planet he works with. This is serious for a planet. I lost my own clear connections and gifts. My other friend stopped connecting with her healing energy all together after Mas. Many are lost and confused - that is not clear spirit space, that is disconnection. I am trying to figure out why people have been working with him two years and what they are learning from him. To develop your gifts deeper you need to be exploring what they are. In most cases you have them and you need to access them deeper. This comes from practice and dedication to your own spirit. I think some healers have a hope of getting his gifts or getting somewhere. You are already specially designed and most healers should not be messed with too much.

        If you are a healer he has the potential disconnect you - he may say they are impure gifts from impure sources. In most cases that is not true and is Mas's projection. I am not sure what he is teaching now in "Healing Mastery" but hopefully he is not just erasing things your life he as he did with me. Healing mastery is being on you own and figuring higher ways to connect. He will weaken your own connection. Cosmic Sovereignty is the highest state of awareness - to attain that in final stages you need to be on your own. Mas has confused spiritual information and should be learning to do things yourself not him doing it to you.

       I would like everyone who reads this blog to ask for a "truth box" to be brought down from the real Jesus regarding Mas to you.  I did this recently and more was revealed to me that was clear. You can ask it to be revealed to you.  Please do this for yourself. I have been praying for the truth to be given to everyone

      I do not want to give on-line advice as I see how people are looking for someone else to tell them. I used to go deep into meditation and receive direct information from my higher being and the source. I never could do his meditations where he says connecting with "pure source" - it's the true source that I am interested in. Now I clearly see the dangers of being involved with a master (or someone acting as one) for too long. Their programming will install after a while So choose your reality carefully - is my learning.

Please take the time to fill out questionnaire at the bottom around your experience 

1. Using the words " A Pure Source " leaves things open. This could mean a computer or cern project. It could be random various guides or alien beings. Being clear - Ask to connect to the highest source and your higher being. This has helped clear me on the astral planes. We have a perfect duplicate copy in heaven - be in connection with your being.

2. Get some counseling with some who can understand situation. Women in particular need to talk and is empowering to express. Write and express your experience. I just shut down and helped tremendously to express my experience. I connected with Bernhard Guenther and he expressing and writing is what helps people heal the most from these type of cult groups. I recommend some practitioners I worked with Eve Lorgen around a few things. This is a holographic alien MILAB program you have been involved with. To me it was a frequency holographic prison I got trapped by. Their will be a withdrawal and other effects from leaving quickly - stay connected however you can.

3. You are going to be the one who gets yourself out. You need to work on canceling all agreements you made with Mas and permission to enter your space. It took me many months to get rid of the duplicates he created. Many practitioners are familiar with canceling agreements. Each person is different. I had a few AI systems attach - this may not be issue for you. Several implants came in also and took a long time to recognize from Mas. He did install some things like "spam" filters etc I had to remove anything he installed. You can make statements- I get rid of all implants from Mas program in your meditation keep doing it for a while. Ask to remove him and his guides from your body. It may take time to get it all clear. Make sure he is out of your creative and sexual energy - you can make statements again like I remove Mas. Go through your entire body and scan. I had to disconnect from all AI systems including technology frequency waves he had connected me to... prayer for your own highest and best outcome. Move forward each day.

4. Re-connect with people again in your community. I isolated myself and realized later I had all the people I needed around me already. I was brought into a mirage that Mas would heal me through the frequency work. I also realized how advanced some of my teachers had been, when I was with Mas I thought they were all impure. Get a reading from outside source giving you feed back if Mas is in your space. Mas actually installs not to get outside readings -I made the mistake of telling I went to someone else.

5. Forgive yourself if you got in too deep and believed everything he said as true. I couldn't trust anyone for a while. Being mad at him doesn't help - he does not care. Use the energy to be productive, get your voice back. Many people have remained quiet about the wrong readings and the way the came out. Some people have prayed for help then found my blog. They get so distorted they become helpless. Many do not even know their own true state anymore. Come back into full awareness on your own.

6. Stop all meditations and frequency clinics. You may go through a withdrawal. Begin to only meditate on your own again. Ask to connect direct with god source. You do not need to repeat a pure source - if you are connected. He confused me and I can see his other co-host is confused still. If you have to constantly repeat "pure source" you are not connecting. If have worked with him 1-2 years it will take a while to re-establish your true connections. Do not fear - all is learning. It's a hard to wake up to something that had been a distortion of truth.

7. I will recommend sitting and connecting with the energy of heaven and earth. Grounding to the core of the earth and bringing energy direct down from heaven into the top of your head. Connect with your higher being - all you have to do is ask. My heavenly connections were cut off for a while after this program. Keep re-connecting every day whether it's art work or writing with your own being. This program does eventually deteriorate people's field. Go into nature.

8. Become empowered again - do your own research on artificial intelligence. Corey Goode snd David Wilcox both have shows on Gaia tv. Cosmic Disclosure did a show on AI intelligence and David does discuss some information on his wisdom teachings. Mas's gifts are technology based gifts -please research on your own. It will make more sense. It's what causes the distortion effects.

8. I do recommend bringing in Jesus and asking for help. I believe Jesus is a manifestation of god source, but you can be direct yourself. Prayers for the highest outcome for all healers involved.

Questionnaire about you experience with Mas. We are collecting data as several women came forward with the same complaints. Mas claims he does not touch people as someone has corresponded with the state of Minnesota

More Truth testimonials 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Connecting to the The highest source, true source

     I wanted to create some education regarding lower light beings. What is most important is you connect direct to true source - the highest source of the creator. No other avenues and words like "a pure source" leave things open to lower light beings. Mas constantly says he is a "a pure source" and his confusing and misleading. A pure source could mean a computer, a space space ship, or a lower light being. One of my old teachers in Mount Shasta told me this a long time ago, to only be connected to the highest light. I did not listen to her as I did not fully understand what she was saying. I thought I was suppose to just love everything and it would be okay. She was disappointed by what I had gotten myself into as she had also warned me about frequency controlled experiments and only connecting to mother-father god direct. No in-betweens, no dieties, no masters or gurus. I did not understand the existence of lower realms, soul traps, and hyper dimensional beings. She had me sit on Mount Shasta mountain for days and clean myself out. This is what a compassionate teacher does, they lovingly say - go fix yourself. I had wanted to leave Mas early in his program and go to Mount Shasta. I did not hear my own voice anymore through his system he was installing. I let myself be taken over by the loudness of his ideas, concepts and beliefs. The heavenly energies come down to earth the strongest in Mount Shasta, a journey recommended for anyone. All my true higher connections were severed in this program and my consciousness was completely harvested with Mas's program. It was like it was sucked out along with my essence. This was my experience. Love is a interesting word and compassion is actually a higher energy. It's compassionate and loving for me to write and help others off this program. (It's love and compassion for all). TO hold someone accountable is also a loving act towards that being. Love can take many forms.

      Below I am including a recent video link I watched on you tube from Bernhard Guenther . Bernhard brings forth information on hyperdemsional beings and how they operate. You can browse his website at Piercing the Veil of Reality. Bernhard is a healer and researcher who does assist people on their re-empowerment process  after cult type groups. 

       I am including this video as a reference to understand lower light beings and the harvest of consciousness. Your free will has to be in agreement to have this happen, your permission. Most of the time a lie is implanted and lives on the lie. Traveling in higher realms you can encounter all kinds of things. Lower light beings can pretend to be a spiritual icon to trick people. Once you have your sovereignty, your NO keeps things out of your space. You have to first be able to discern and see that not everything is for your highest good.  Sometimes loving something creates a agreement with it. It is important to understand agreements and soul traps. In Mas's case he convinced me to surrender my will, and that was the point I got possessed. He went into my body and I lost my personal power when my energy got harvested. 

Video link here please play at 1:26.00 (one hour and twenty-six minutes. Your are welcome to watch the whole thing but please be aware if you are in a sensitive space. Watching alien videos can be triggering if you have been taken up and most people on the planet are sensitive right now. Please take care of yourself. lower light beings  (1:26:00)

Quote from Video "Love is Light is knowledge. When they induce belief against what is objectively true, they have "eaten" the light - knowledge of the person who has chosen blind belief over fact. When you believe a lie you have allowed the eating go your energy awareness"

        I have noticed with Mas and other guru type leaders their is always some type of inception of a idea - this is the lie. I noticed he tell some people they are a alien and it sticks into their belief system. He told me many untrue things about myself that created a overlay or belief. He tells people when he meets them he can do things "quicker" or faster than other healers. Just notice the is a huge in-balance in that idea and most people get that idea. NO he won't and many end up on the program for a few years. He has publicly admitted to being aligned with dark sources in a forum. 

 I have had several people contact feeling sad about my situation. The best thing you can do for me is ask the highest source to restore me back to perfection and not send your energy. I have intention to have a new perfect body and let this go. Prayer does work as many people who had near deaths report seeing them go up and explode into light. Wishing you the highest connection to the highest true source. This helps me and this helps the whole planet. Thank you!

If you have purchased I Connect Pendant and did "pure source" activations with Mas you will need to purify it. Along with any crystals you brought in to this "pure source activations" with Mas. I picked up my pendant I paid $180 and it made me feel sick from the energy of those online activations. I took it out under a redwood tree and placed it in a water a container. I ask the earth and "true highest source to clear it". It cleared it no problems. The thing is, the true source is all around us at all times. Its only when you connect through a master, or other beings that you have to be careful. True source is here and you definitely do not need Mas to connect with or activate your pendant. It's silly that they were charging for that. You can do this and it is better that you do it, it will resonate better with it. Sacred geometry is part of the fractal universe and does clear and open doorways. I have retreated myself to painting mandalas again and would have been better off doing that.

Please take the time f you have done the program to fill out a questionnaire regarding your experience. We are collecting data.

Mas truth testimonials page

If you have a personal experience you'd like to share please email them to (another women who did the program) Several women have come forward with their experience. Over the past few months I have had many negative experiences emailed to mewhere they received false information. It is hard to hear more stories of other women's children having more problems after he worked with them . Please post them somewhere people literally have prayed to find the truth and found my blog. NO one says anything - send his staff a email letting them know.

My personal email is I am not currently in best shape but may respond. It's important to get your voice heard if you have been harmed in anyway, given false information, or was mislead by Mas's program.

Friday, October 7, 2016

update... My friend

      I ran into one of friends today as I was out getting food. She asked what had happened with me as she didn't recognize me as I have known her 15 years. I had always been a strong healthy woman and my appearance is not so great. She had done Mas's work so I shared some of my experience with Mas. She had returned to doing work with him as Mas had some belief he can heal foot fungus. He created a experimental clinic on fungus, which she had just done. I like her, but the strange thing is she didn't remember me texting her after I ended up vegetable from his program. It was like it was wipped from her memory. Her and I had direct communications about the program after I got knocked unconscious. It was pretty bizarre, but I know she's on a few of these thingsonline. She also said she was protected from Mas, but as long as you give your permission to anyone they can download their program. He may be connected to lower realms than you are connected and brings forth his matrix as long as you connect. 

      None of the clinics I did on various health stuff helped me, but at the time I was so programmed by him I believed anything he said. I try to forget, but the giant holes in my energy body and lack of balance reminds me. I dropped what was in my hands when I saw my friend in the small local market. If one thing jostles me I almost fall over. Just remember you are a parrot and he is a programmer. You will be a puppet until you leave and wake up. I am so willing to leave this all behind me, but here comes another one of my friends who is plugged in with him. My work is not complete somehow. If you are feeling sick and separated since you started this program leave please. You are losing you true essence and source connections. Mas has lost his awareness and is taken over himself. In a recent vision I saw he is no longer human at all, but he has not fully recognized this. 

    A few weeks back a picture came across my screen of Mas on Facebook (I guess my friend hit like). She was a beautiful women and posted how Mas was a "programer" and could edit things. You could tell she felt special to even get a photo opportunity with him. She was a friend of my friend, a very strong and powerful women. She had quickly become hypnotized and had abandoned the her business partnership as Mas came into the picture. My friend was a business partner with her and she wanted to her to host Mas. This women left all of her materials and wouldn't even return phone calls. It was like she completely checked out. This is concerning because I separated from my friends after meeting Mas also. My friend and I talked, she had a strong feeling about Mas being the problem. I could see this women was about to go on a wrong turn, away from her own personal power and work. She thought he was "something" and was leaving herself behind. I hate to make this about Mas, but he keeps reappearing I feel I need to protect my soul group. I feel like their divine mother watching over them and the planet. I ask all my friends to be released from Mas's programming, AMEN.

         I had another upset women contact me regarding Mas. I seem to be karmically tied here and wish to release him to love and light. I see I may be in a contract somewhere, maybe to protect my group. If you have been on a long time with him, you may come off upset when you stop being programmed by his energy. When someone takes you over it is normal to feel angry, that is part of getting your space back.  I notice male masters shut down the voice of women, it's part of disempowering them. Speaking up for yourself is healing, just "loving everything can lead to suppression." Love is a agreement - No get out of my space is sometimes necessary. Truth can be the same as love, it's love for yourself. His program sounds like a good thing and he designed but somehow it does not work. People loose their own true frequency and essence. Many women reported being exhausted and disconnected after his program to me. This sounds like a harvest of source energy verses true empowerment of women. Some women give up their energy to easily and really want to help serve the planet. This is why I went so deep into the program, to serve. Just know you came in with gifts to share he can not give you them. Sometimes one needs to develop them, but know you are connected to them.

      I am realizing women give up their personal power to these masters easily as they get caught up wanting the love. I spent many years in meditation connecting with Heaven and Earth only. This is the true source you should align with. I got taken over by a so called master before I met Mas who wanted my energy. I loved people so much I thought love could heal anything. I went through a powerful awakening of energy, unfortunately I let male masters feed and Mas was no different. The fully awakened shakti of a women is actually way more powerful that a male and male masters know this. I find it interesting powerful women are subdued by him and many disoriented. I do feel Mas said things to disempowered me early on the program, I didn't catch on. I got into love frequency of feeding his whole program like many women do. Do not give all you energy to him or any other master on the planet. Your essence is like no other and no one should be in your space for extended amounts of time. This includes Mas, I had several people contact me that were on a year and some two years. This is way to long and you should unplug immediately. You may become disoriented and lost for a while because you were plugged into another source (they reported feeling lost and disconnected). I saw Mas do a clinic on the "divine feminine" which is joke because he is male, but I bet many signed up. Only female master can give a feminine empowerment, yes someone can copy that energy. 

       Women take your power back and don't feed the male masters. If your telling him how much you love him you've gotten taken in. Get it together use your creative force to help the planet and become aware of who you are serving. I was not happy to see another sexual clinic a few months ago. I was attacked after I participated in one of these online and what I realize is other beings came in to rape this energy from me. PLEASE WOMEN DO NOT DO HIS SENSUAL/SEXUAL clinics - this is a harvest for lower beings wanting the creative force. His clinics are not protected like he thinks. These group healings are not safe and it may be a feeding his creation. Connect direct yourself to the the creator and GOD source - not through him. Listening to his voice over and over you are plugging into his frequency and over time his signature. I actually learned through this experience that not every frequency is a match for us and his "frequency" actually made me sicker. He just kept calling it "distortion" when it was actually the wrong energy field for me.

      Sometimes focus on a energy brings its opposite polarity. If you have clinic on "strength" then it can attract weakness. I feel I received the opposite in many clinics and attracted more beings. He would talk about "punishment beings" and then I would experience them that at night. I got attacked non-stop after certain clinics. He got stuck on Satan and told me I had satanic DNA when I met him. This mentally messed me up and I realized later he was projecting what was in his space. When I was on Mas had a high focus and projection of satanic or demonic beings,. This can happen when someone is afflicted themselves by lower demonic beings, they see it everyone else. Several people have reported seeing a grey fog that worked with Mas, I saw this too. Everything became grey and I realized he was in a completely different source that affected my mind greatly. Seeing someone's true sprit is a much higher energy than focusing on removing curses for months. My gift was when I met people I saw their highest being first and many healed through this. Unfortunately, it made discernment hard because I saw everyone as great. I lost my awareness for too long and thought it was coming from me. Staying in a positive energy for too long creates darkness sometimes. Being in the middle is "being" Compassion is actually a higher energy than love and I do feel compassion for Mas as he lost himself.

     I experienced so much love and bliss in my life after my long hours of spiritual practices paid off. I definitely miss it, and after Mas I do not feel anything much of the time so it makes life not worth living. My essence was lost, beings can be so void of their true self they want to take someone else's energy. Soul essence I realize is everything for the soul and makes someone feel complete. Five years ago, I was the happiest in my life and felt full. I felt so much love and appreciation for all things, that is true abundance. It is a state of being not something you program in, NO ONE CAN GIVE YOU THAT.  Lack is the pursuit of money. I am against a program does not lead to more of self, but less of the very energy that forfills the soul "the essence". I didn't know how precious we are until I was removed and lost my essence. You are not source codes of a bunch of frequencies you are beautiful soul essence. I think Mas had good intentions but won't admit there are problems and is why I am still here. They built up a big belief and didn't deliver and in my case crippled me for months. False marketing, false information and false readings. More information was revealed to me this last week about the "truth" of what happened that day when I got knocked out. I remember some more "truth" of that day and what occurred. I can say it's possible to forgive someone who was actually trying to kill you, but he should not be working on people.

       If you feel something is off with this program then you are correct. You should leave. I made the mistake of staying and was convinced by Mas. I actually became more separate and less peaceful. I was ok with what had transpired in my life. This blog is for anyone getting lost in this program. Stop immediately if you are lost, true source is a direct connect. Most people come off the program so messed up they don't even know what happened to them. If you are wondering why no one else has written anything most are people loose themselves and awareness in this program. Many people have contacted me privately. I cannot say Mas is a predator of some kind but I have put a list together of what AI's can look like and what to look out for.(link New age predator programs). 

     True source is perfect and omnipresent. Mas repeats "pure source" over and over, pure source could mean a computer. True source, the highest source is what you want. Mas always instructs to ask beings if they are of a "pure source", this leaves things open. Ask them who they are and definitely ask who Mas is guided by. Pure source is not enough, honestly I think Satan came out of pure source. It does not leave room for mistakes, mistakes come from ignorance and lack of truth. If something is not truth then it is a lie and many were told to me.

      We are here to learn and boy did I! We are here on earth to do our own spiritual work and it's important we face things when they happen. Giving up our energy and power for someone else to is the worst thing you can do. Savior beings take personal power away, doing too much to someone is not doing them a favor.

       Free yourself, take you life back and you do not need anyone else to do that. To the real spirit of Mas please wake up and editing time is not true healing. Being present now and connecting is the true way. I am not sure why I went so deep on your ride, but I forgive myself and your true spirit (wherever it is).

If you have a personal experience you'd like to share please email them to  Several women have come forward with their experience. It is hard to here more stories of other women's children having more problems after he worked with them . Please take the time to fill out a short questionnaire regarding you Mas experience.

Personal account of program

Another personal blog written by a women about this program who also participated

My personal email is currently my health is going but if you really need to share something email. I would like to detach from this story and move on. I have realized in the process how important it is to speak out, the soul needs to express.
If you have been harmed in any way or feel Mas misrepresented this program, please write a blog and speak out. They are free on google through "blogger". You do not have to give your name out. 

I have had several people contact feeling sad about my situation. The best thing you can do for me is ask the highest source to restore me and not send your energy. I have intention to have a new perfect body and let this go. Prayer does work as many people who had near deaths report seeing them go up and explode into light.  Thank you     

     I apologize for all grammar eras in writing this blog I am having a hard time still with being able to read what I wrote. It takes me forever to correct I do not have proper nerve function. Thanks

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