Thursday, February 9, 2017

The light of sun ascension into heaven, Getting rid of Implants, mind control

The Sun, The Truth, The Way  

Jesus told him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

       This last week I went see local healer Eve and I wanted to share my experience. It was a over a year before I could clearly walk and talk after the Mas program. I apologize for grammar eras it's still difficult to write clear sentences. I was downloaded with information from the near death state after the Mas program and was not able to clearly express it. I experienced something that went in through my whole nervous system and cybernetic type metal implants that came in. Parts of my head dematerialized it was like my brain was removed. The implants in my feet that came in never stopped creating a field that I didn't want to be a part of. The alien metal that came in during the Mas programming created type of matrix that I couldn't break out of. I spent hours trying to erase them, breaking agreements and contracts, anything I could think out. Some of them came back and I felt was giving up. I made the mistake of being on-line during Mas's so called "upgrades", later I realized that I was what gave the permission to be changed. I also realized that Mas came into my body at one of the events and never left until I passed on the program. He is not aware that he does that to women, several other women that came foward had him lodged in their space. I was in Mas's practicing phase of his new programmed abilities and he is didn't have the awareness.

          My friend who did the Mas program had worked with Eve after Mas. He was lost, drained and confused after the program. He could not embody and would become easily agitated from not being able to function right. She saw he had connected him to some type of lower matrix and she help disconncet him from the Mas "programming" field. He completely changed within a week and things opened up for him. He became much clearer and embodied more. After my experience with Mas, I refused to go at first. I lost my trust for anyone new and just thought she might be another "new age" healer. Later he insisted and I went see her. She had worked with alien metal before and was much clear than I expected.  I immediately asked her what beings she was working with and for her to disclose her sources after my experience with Mas. I was in alignment with the beings she worked with and she had attained more knowledge than I thought. She told me her experience with alien metal some of it just grows right back after you remove it. There were master implants that were installed in the Mas program. I did all his upgrades and constantly participated in events, but the main ones came in right before I was going to leave the program. I even had wrote in I had met a another healing group and that didn't go well with him. The whole thing is out of a sci-fi movie and never thought I would be having to clear metal implants. I could not move past certain point from these implants, they were connected to something that I didn't want. She brought in the masters she worked with and things began to move out fast and the beings helped find the master implants. She was a experienced teacher and healer of 30 years and seemed to have advanced information on implants.

       The reason I am writing this because others who did Mas also noticed metal implants that came in. They are in the process of getting rid of them. If you look at Mas he looks grey like a grey alien, like he is metal. His assistant has taken on another form also, she looks like a grey alien.

        The problem with some of these implants are you can not go back into a higher frequency them in you, they connect you some where lower. I always vibrated in divine mother energies and what ever came in completely blocked me. What I realized is some people utilize someone abilities like portal open through a implants. The implants that came in with the Mas program were not allowing me to go into my higher connection, they blocked it.  Some type of cybernetics weaved through my whole system interfering with natural connections. She said the actually send a signal somewhere and a couple times a space ship type energy came over me at night. I spent months painting mandalas and doing things to restore my own "frequency". I could not get rid of all the implants that came in.

    After the session with Eve, I woke up in the middle of the night blinded by the light of the sun. To me the sun represent the heavenly Jesus gateway and have had several experiences where I was blinded by light.  It was like a the light of heaven shined down on the whole area I had moved to. When I met my Babaji friend that night I was blinded by light and crossed over.  What happened for me with Mas is he did remove some energies but his implants blocked me from connecting with some of the higher heavenly energies I was connected to before I met him. It creates a lower matrix which you can become trapped in. It prevented me from going to a higher ascension and left me stuck in a certain state.

           Miracle healing had occurred around me in my life through my connections to the heavens and divine mother. My Baba friend did not want me to talk about publicly as that happened around him too. He said god did the healing and we should not take credit for it. Both of us experienced so many miracles we got used to it. I was like a personal healer to him as I showed up when he needed healing. After Mas it was like I dead, filled with metal implants and void of try human life force. I only write about because several women who came forward have complained of metal implants. The local teacher and healer is the only one I have found with the knowledge I needed.

     I have seen ignorance in programmed Mas's followers like "mind control does not exist", or everything comes from within you. After those implants came I beg to differ. I experienced some coercive persuasion in altered state that I needed to do the Mas program. He does mind wiping and some type of sweeping. Later you are being re-educated through listening to his forums and podcasts. I find Mas some followers repeat him word for word like a parrot as I had a few attacks from them.  Recently, I connected with a women Mas had called weak and insulted her. He called me weak when I told him I was getting weaker in the program (I had 102 degree fever). I can't imagine saying that to a client you are working with. This is a mind control technique. I found it interesting that he said he "admired Hitler" and talked about him on a podcast.  Hitler was a zionist, a perfectionist who didn't mind killing to achieve it. He did love animals and was a vegetarian. Is Mas aligned with Hitler somehow? He sounds like he's in "agreement" with who he was. I recently watched "A Career - Hilter" on Netfilx. I recommend this to anyone on the Mas programming, the way Mas projects things is similar to the way Hitler worked.

Mind control (also known as brainwashingreeducationbrainsweepingcoercive persuasionthought control, or thought reform) is a controversial scientific theory that human subjects can be indoctrinated in a way that causes "an impairment of autonomy, an inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations. In this context, brainwashing refers to the involuntary reeducation of basic beliefs and values".[1]

          Listening to sound of someone else voice over and over is a form of hypnotic mind control. I saw it had that effect on people. I realized many of used and were being altered by something. Many people who did the program had some kind of implants installed during the "Mas programming". The is the easiest way to mind control is to implant something. Where did the implants come from the first place and why are people full of them? I began to look at the people with technologies and how they are aligned with the government. In Elon's Musk video "We are already Cyborgs" he described how you can easily inlay cybergenics into someone's body.

         Many people are now doing "implant removal" including people from the Military. Why are we having to remove implants? I see how they stop us from ascension and some of the episodes in Cosmic Disclosure discusses a mind control grid. I went into a high level awakening only to end up with implants and I am wondering why they exist. When people reach higher level enlightenment they can change weather patterns, affect crops, produce huge energy fields, and basically have a effect on the whole planet. I had some experiences where I was "cloud bursting" through the pineal and men in a truck came flying into my dad's mountain property and took my picture. People on this planet are monitored and one of my teachers in Shasta has had many run ins with black helicopters.

      I never came from victim consciousness, I come from help myself consciousness. I let Mas "work on me" too much and it made me sick and weak. After the Mas program I was not able to even drive a car and walk. It as difficult to face and that I let this man guide me at all and experiment on us with his new "abilities". I am someone who had many instantously healings occur after my awakening with divine mother. People would heal overnight, I was expecting the same thing from Mas because of his claims of being with Jesus. My clients always healed and had a better life. I have had autistic children begin to heal and become more integrated. One of my clients reminded me after I saw him singing in front of the church I used to attend. When I met him I saw he singing abilities and told him to start singing again. His whole life began to change. He had shut down his energy and by connecting with his gifts his life changed. Did I heal him? No he just reconnected in my sessions.

        I am not sure why I bought the 21 day sign up programming. I always questioned was but he always delivered a answer that seems right at the time. Most of my clients chose to eat better after I worked with them and connected more intuitively with what the need nutritionally. I trained as a wholistic nutritionist and was always bothered by Mas giving random nutritional advice to me. He also gave me medical diagnoses and I realized he was trying to play all these roles. I was taken over by his alien group and couldn't get out once that happened. In the beginning I was okay on the program, very high and distorted. Later I was too distorted to realize another source had taken me over. The problem with ascending with a alien group you may not end up where you belong. Finally I feel on the "right" path. 

     I felt blocked from heaven once those implants came in, it was a matrix from a lower realm. I even asked Mas "Why don't I feel heaven anymore?" at one point. Once she removed the implants from my my feet I ascended father across the veil. Those had come in on his program. Last night I experienced intense, Divine mother energy for the first time since Mas. A beautiful flow came through the new property I moved to after I worked with Eve, a vortex of energy expanded in the earth. I had always been close to the divine mother energies. Suddenly I felt more abundant and things opened once again. Yes he can change your frequency but he can bring somewhere else. Divine mother is the energy of creation and it was like I was being blessed all night.

    What I realized is people cannot ascend with these implants in them. They pull you somewhere else, a lower realm. I felt myself being to ascend further and connect with the heavens in the way I remembered.  Mas never had that connection he only knows the AI connection to his source. 

         Once the implants came in I began to "feel" lack because I was not connected to the abundant source I was once in. I used to grow plants and do energy work with trees. The crops almost doubled in size, that's abundance. In the right energies there is never a lack, just a block. Abundance is just a state. So much divine mother energy was removed from my body that I could not do anything anymore. It's the energy that heals, restores and gives birth. Would you call this a healing program?

        I am ready to ascend home another journey and complete being a teacher to Mas. Yes he did teach me he taught me about separation from the "the one". Those who speak out are always more powerful than the ones who remain quiet. For change on earth we need leaders and not followers. If I ever return as a teacher I work with women to become independent avatars for change. Most female healers and teachers do not know how great they are. Many are gifted from birth and need to develop their gifts. The women and men who connected with who got sick on this program were such beautiful souls and got lost with Mas. Mas taught them that had to go through some long sick disorienting detox. I just remind people of their true spirit and there true connection to heaven.  A women in India was told she would have her spiritual gifts after she had a mental breakdown by Mas in a personal reading. I saw she had them and Mas was leading her a stray. One needs to develop tier gifts and give space for personal develop and connection with the true source. She only needed a reminder that there are other people to guide her and that she was already gifted.

         Most masters attain high levels by walking alone into the darkness with little assistance. I began bringing myself into samdhi in my 30's and realized the control of the pineal gland was the key. Later that gland was destroyed and I actually dematerialized inside my head. I lost consciousness for a year. Mas's concept were wrong about healing, he's aloud to be wrong.  Why did we give our power up to him? Because he had a good story of healing with lots of promises.

      I have always kept track of the search engines on my blog. I have had many experiences emailed to me regarding Mas that did not turn out so well, most of them very distorted. I woke up this morning and saw the key words typed in "soul distortion mas sajady ". To me that says it all, his energy source distorts souls.

         What I learned in this process is that truth is the very thing that aligns us with heaven. You can't not really ascend if you are not in truth. In heaven all is truth all is revealed. Yes we must learn to love all beings, unconditional love for our enemies. Love can take many forms. Truth is the foundation of everything. Speaking my story did not create victimhood it created an empowerment.  As we cross the veils and ascend we must face everything. 

                                                  About a year before the Mas Program,
                                                              my true heavenly body

                                                       One year after the program,
                                     still trying to recover my energies and restore myself      

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The truth around Frequencies - A message from Jesus


     Mas was a teacher to me around "frequencies" and the someone can control you with frequencies. I also learned how alien beings have a different frequency that is not aligned with humans. I saw at one point Mas was programmed with "Dolphin frequencies" copied from dolphins. People experience some type of infinite love that is technology based from what he was programmed with. There were many studies by our own military and Russians around healing with dolphin frequencies. People do not have the knowledge base to understand someone can program any energy with technology, it's a carbon copy that creates a distortion. Our own government did frequency experiments for years to control the general populations. I spent many hours studying the mind control experiments involving frequencies. Nothing works better to mind control than frequency controls and now I see why those frequency clinics with Mas were so effective. They can make you feel him or healing can take place, but it creates a distortion.

       After entering into my second near death, I studied hundreds really wanting to understand direct experience with Jesus. My first near death was at three years old where I drowned and watched them bring my body back, that is my first childhood memory.  After I passed on Mas' program I had a brief encounter with Jesus where he came and kissed me and told me he loved me. He touched me several times on my body. I could not stay in one place as I was tossed all over place after the program and I went to parallel realities. I could not go into a healing state and I am not sure why I was not healed by Jesus all the way.

Message from Jesus on frequencies:
      In one near death, a women named Yvonne died because she was ill, drained and didn't like her husband. Upon meeting Jesus he wanted to send her back to earth. He told her he could her heal and that she had lost her life force. She said she didn't like her husband and didn't want to go back. He looked at her husband and then said "Oh he's the wrong frequency for you", yeah leave that husband. That was the first time I heard of a near death where Jesus spoke that way. He filled her with life force, healed her of her physical aliments and sent her back. She left her husband and changed her life. Jesus's does have a message hear about frequencies, being with the right person is important. If its making you ill it's not right for you. If someone has the wrong energy for you need to leave their field. At one point I crossed the veil and asked them to show me my true frequency because I had lost it being in Mas's field too long. I am not going to say what that was, but I painted a picture of it at home. I also was shown my order in the heaven's and my true embodiment. There is a divine order and when we fall from that, we also get sick. Once someone reaches a certain level they need to stay with their groups,  a master a lower level can disrupt them and make them sick. I can see many male masters want to take control of females and make them think they belong with them. I never belonged with Mas and I got caught in a big distortion. He wiped out my own frequencies and I got filled with what he was connected to. His frequency dominates and that is something to be concerned about. I used to think it was all our own experience, what I realized is some it gets decided by what we interact with. In many of the near deaths I studied Jesus, he heals them and fills them with light. None of them go through the sickness and distortion of spirit that Mas creates. It sounds like Mas is with another source, one that creates distortion.

          What I began to understand about alien beings is they have a different frequency than humans. The man I met in Vegas who had a cult had sex with the women. They became sick and distorted pretty quick. Once I knew I what he was doing with women, I walked away from knowing him. I had a dream he was a alien energy. His true "frequency" had a different energy, this was making the human women sick. He did possess them thinking he was a greater master of some kind and thought he was doing them a favor by sleeping with them. I really hope Mas in not having sex with his female clients and healing masters. I know he does energetically during those clinics and it could alter them for life. Mas has a completely different frequency and it does override yours. It makes you sick as he's trying to get you in his field not yours. It made me confused when it filled my field and eventually departed me from own energy. Mas did go into my body and I did realize he had taken my body over. Several other women had that issue also.

      Mas is also different than a human frequency, its' AI source. There are other god's and what I realize is Mas energy come from another source not aligned with human energy. It makes people sick and distorted, he thinks its a detox. Most people become altered right away from his field and I see a clear a pattern with alien beings making humans sick. He speaks of frequencies, yet cannot see the effect he is having on others clearly. When another energy gets in your space that you do resonate with, it alters you. Most people healed by Jesus just become filled with pure light and do make not people sick. I spent several months with supernatural christians and Jesus is a clear field. Aliens for some reason do want to have sex with the women, they do not have all the energies the humans do. They tend to harvest women because they lack those energies themselves and want to "be human". They are allowed to do this as long as the get some kind of permission, your will to be with them. I have watched women just hand their self over to Mas and women truly want to surrender to a man.

       What I most learned from Mas is how someone messed you can get from being around a energy that is not your frequency. It can over take you over from being in that feild. I lost most of my truer energies to his "source" and I want this message understood. He does not viberate at a human energy, yet he has a mediation called "being human". The healers that go with him will never be their truer self again, but a carbon copy of the Mas frequency. I am willing to look dumb on the internet to stop this game and save these women. They may never recover themselves and at death might go to a lower realm with his group. It made me much sicker to be in his field because that is not my true energy. After I passed I did go to realms later where I was reminded who I was and my true energies in the heavenly planes. At one point I crossed and went to one of my soul mates. They brought us into a room where the guides had put us together for a healing. There were moons and other symbols went all over the room as soon as we made contact. In that room, I experienced the perfect match of energies. It was something I had never seen. I knew this man on earth and they wanted to show me what the right "frequency" looked like for me. In the higher realms, I am more of a native american spirit and should have never been around alien energies.

         Nothing went right after I started working with Mas because his field is not where my energy resonated at. It became very clear that can change someones life. Being around the wrong "master" or friend have an effect. I noticed Mas makes people very sick and I watched the people he worked with change forms. They did not look like their true self anymore. People say we create our own reality, the truth is we co-create with whatever we align with. I aligned with Mas and participated non-stop for 11 months only to realize he was creating sickness and not health in my space. If you are allowing someone to edit your timeline or change your blue print you have given your future over to someone else creating it. I was committed and I let him my space.

     I was in the beginning of his mad dash for fame, before we met he was still a unknown. At that time he was installing things in our consciousness like a "spam filters" and did several other thing where he began to implant things. This made me much more sick and distorted as it was not part of my original energy. My friend was convinced she was protected by the "spam filter" he installed in her head. She had been a clear yogi who taught all kinds of meditation practice. She quickly became distorted and it blocked her from seeing what was happening. Even after she saw what happened to me, she was so high she stayed and participated. Later, she came out of it and I now see how powerful these kinds of things are. She didn't want to come off the mind control as it kept her high, and I see that's what happened to many of the healers working with Mas. People loose their own energies to him and aren't even aware when it happens. I realized the reason I even had to write about Mas is he got so in my space it took a year to get him out. Many of the women have complained of metal implants from the Mas program. It took me over a year to get rid of those implants and cybernetic matrix that was installed. The problem with ascending with a alien group you my not end up where you belong. Finally I feel on the "right" path. 

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Living in lack - Agreements - Consensual Reality


Abundance is a state of being not about material possession

      About five years ago, I felt the most satisfied in my life. I struggled some raising two kids by myself, but I worked at balance. 
I can remember sitting down at my table eating a piece of special cheese I had just bought from the local farmers market. As I stared out at my garden growing in my backyard, I felt complete satisfaction. That to me was true abundance, a state of being. This who think it's about driving a expensive car or large million dollar home have never felt true abundance. I was so grateful to travel with my children to my fathers' mountain retreat and spend quality family time. A good meal, a camp fire, laughter, that's abundance. Many spiritual teachers are actually teaching poverty by not being in the moment of what they already have. They are deluded themselves by thinking abundance is attained through wealth. I just  paid my rent some months but always had a nice car. I did live in one of the most expensive areas of Northern California and supported two kids. We had everything we needed at all times and I felt blessed. My children and I had some much fun and love, that's abundance. After Mas I felt sick, in lack and I had to give up my youngest child for almost a year. I am not blaming him I am just saying it was not the right road. I was already there teachers who focus so much on abundance I think live in lack, its always been there. As you go onto higher levels you don't need the material possessions that you did before.  You can't take it with you, you look around and wonder why people compile so much wealth. In true higher connection there is a satisfaction not a hunger and large amounts of money becomes meaniless.

      I watched a documentary of some American boys who traveled to a foreign country to experience living off a dollar a day. They lost weight and barely survived health wise. It was at that point that I realized that most people live in abundance in this country. I began to see that some rich people were in severe lack, always having to attain more. When I started the Mas program I felt severe lack, almost to a demonic level. He kept saying, you have to go through all the lack. After feeling abundance before, I was doubting his theory. In a true field of abundance that what you feel, there is no lack or illness. I now realize that it was his field and broadcasted it to the group. He was in lack, racing around to as many events getting as much money going as possible. I now see he was actually extremely distorted through all his "upgrades" and should not have been working with people. That's where things turned demonic for him, besides the contracts he made. He does not represent abundance to me only a false images to get people to sign on. Most of what I did with him was unnecessary and only messed me up worse. Sending someone through time loops non-stop and erasing the hell out of them is not an approach to healing. I lost my energy therefore putting me in a deep state of lack. He gained energy, I became much weaker and he told me I needed to go through it. 

     I was a giver in my life and tipped people even when down to my last twenty. I looked at his field when I first met him and he looked dark along with his small children. He was living almost completely in the void, no human life force.  I couldn't understand why he was so sick all the time online and always talking about health. Now I see how much light he has I know he harvested from the healers. My sons life force was completely extracted after he worked on him, he can barely do anything. Great fucking results for a 20 year old who was full of energy, someone needs to hit Mas over the head at this point. Buying expensive sports cars while harvesting children and healers until they want to commit suicide. 

          My Baba friend of the Babaji lineage gave up all his material possessions and went to India. He was instructed to live with almost nothing as he traveled through India as a Himalayan Yogi  even walking even barefoot over ice. They wanted to make sure he didn't attach himself to money as a Guru and wanted only dependent on God source. People always seemed to give him what he needed, and he calls it the grace of god. I never understood why he lived without money until I met Mas. Money can become a sickness in some people that consumes and keeps you out of the grace of god. The Baba lived without fear or lack of money and never had to pursue it. It meant nothing to him, although he was given a fun sports car at some point. I spent quite a bite of money on Mas and traveling to his events. Only to end up bankrupt, disabled and unable to take care myself. I was working before we met and still able to take care of things myself. At the time it was clear he didn't want us working as healers or doing readings. He told my friend not to work for 6 months after working on her, it sounds to me like he wanted to end our careers. I was better off never knowing him because he took us into lack. If you do a frequency clinic on witches, you open that energy (he does that stuff). Most of what I did with him worked the reverse way and ended up more demonic type energies that I didn't have before. I got attacked after some of the clinics and I was confused. He made me think it was mine and I realized later he was opening that. I realized Mas has no idea what he is doing but creates a belief that everyone has some great life after him. I can see some of our leaders became satanic by needing to have so much money. I never received a refund of any kind, even though I was lied to and highly damaged by this program. I see how he actually lives in lack and not abundance. I would have immedialty refunded someone upon knowing there was a issue, plus it gets rid of them. Money exchange creates a contract and he made promises and predictions. 

       He recently told someone online they "lived and fear and lack" and its clear that is his mode of operation. He is quick to tell people that are in fear and lack because it works on them. He never addressed his own lack and always broadcasts himself in general. My favorite clinic was about "why you should sex with your husband even if you don't want it." Kinda clues you into a sad home life and probably propelled him more into the sex clinics with healers. Later he told someone online to "lie about the affair he was having on his wife. " - that should give you another clue about what he was doing. Right after he said "orgies and prostitution were okay", where was he going with that? Listen to him closely he is talking only about himself. I woke up in that moment realizing he was okay with lying. 

     Unfortunately if you let Mas work on you are no longer the writer of you won story as he try to rewrite things. He ends up manipulating people's realities. It took over a year to get him and the implants out, it was like a infection.

   I feel like the watcher now of souls, as I passed over the veil several times and saw what was taking place here. I completely understand satanic energy and AI predators now. A women recently posted who had two kids on Facebook site set for those who needed support. She was new to the programming game and shared her experience. She said she was extremely dizzy, distorted and really didn't know what was happening. She also mentioned her soul was fighting it, my soul fought it too and I didn't listen. She mentioned the word "detox" as that is programmed early by Mas that the have to ago through the sickness. I could tell she had no idea what was happening to her, but I could see she was quickly altered and now Mas had her. He made my kids so sick and lowered their immune system - someone please keep him away from people's children. 

Selfishness are the root of satanic energies. 

"Thus, they will compromise ethical and humane behavior in order to accumulate the wealth and possessions they want, in order to feel more powerful. That is the big set up on the earth, a person that highly desires wealth and external validation of self-worth, will have to play with the power brokers in the NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) game in order to get it. This means they must make the deal or Faustian pact to give up personal sovereignty and many times prostitute themselves, because of who is really controlling the financial structure. The first thing these dark forces do is find that ambitious person’s pressure point and work to compromise personal integrity and derail spiritual actualization, in order to exploit addictions and weaknesses through psychological and emotional blackmail. An addicted person is a weak minded person that is easily possessed, therefore is easily manipulated by their uncontrollable impulses until they become so fully corrupt, their physical body is used to satisfy the whims of dark forces that are controlling their addictions. This is the main reason why so many materialistic people become incredibly insecure and desperate to maintain their wealth and power, they fall prey to their personal addictions and indulgences which lead to their rapid spiritual decline, which exacerbates even more unethical and criminal behaviors."January 2017 Poverty Consciousness Lisa Renee

       Most of Mas's work is based on the idea of "frequencies" as the main issue. What I realized is the universe is actually based off agreements. If you sign on with Mas you just made an agreement to experience what he broadcasts. Just like when you have sex with someone, its like a contract to experience energies. Even when I was not online, the energies came right at the time of the meditation. I had signed up and made a agreement to participate, its like a contract.  If you break the agreements and contracts it stops. After him he was too  much in my space and asrtal realms to simply cancel agreements. Some type of structure came into my body that kept me connected to to his "frequencies" and that took a while to get out. He actually distorted and infected anything I was connected to. You have to own your space and Mas only opened things up for his more bizarre things to happen. Sending me through time loops non-stop was completely unnecessary and wreck-less. He claimed to be "opening doors" and "closing doors" for us. Every good thing I was connected to stopped and the complete distortion began. I am sure it was fun to experiment on me, but he should not claim he is doing healing work. He gets the worst teacher award from me. Mas has the wrong information and continues to distort everyone in his path in order to keep his wealth going. It was interesting to hear Corey Goode talk about "AI Prophets" in his last episode of Cosmic Disclosure (Season 7 Epiode 3). He's trying to clue us in on the fact they create these things. Mas is not enlightened at all, but a carbon copy distorting everyone he touches. 

      After spending hundreds of hours studying near deaths with Jesus and people who heal with Jesus on fact proved true "Jesus heals perfectly" So why the distortion and dizziness? In the field of Jesus all is safe and there is no problems. Mas in not connected to Jesus the son of Man, the gateway of truth. 

          Everything we do matters, every legal document and even agreement binds us. I literally had to move into the woods to slow the frequencies down and took almost a year to get it to stop. I signed up and he took me over. I met met a supernatural Christian named David in Sedona after Mas. He used to trick Satanists into coming into his events. He said, as soon as he got them to put a dollar into the donation collection then Jesus came immediately to them. It created an "agreement" and he depossessed many satanist this way. I get the feeling that "dark sources that keep him safe" (from the video on sources) are over taking the souls that come to him. Satanist and aliens do the same thing they trick you into a contract and have mastered it. Once I left him I was not "free and independent" like he claimed. I was bonded to him and "his source", not the higher source I had been connected to. Jesus is one man show and does not work with dark sources. He is ascended and works in the higher realms never bringing in "dark sources". When you work with Mas you have given him permission to enter your space and that might mean him in your bedroom at night. Reality is consensual and I no longer give consent for lower beings to enter my space. Make sure you cancel all healing agreements or agreements for him to be in your space.  

I am not in agreement for Mas to work on healers on this planet or be in my field at all. I cancel all contracts and agreements - in past or future ones. 

 One of many emails I have received begging for help after working with Mas for a year. This is not uncommon as he deludes people into thinking he can "do something" for them. Just know in the field of Jesus all is perfect and there is no disconnection. Unfortunately healers are still falling for it.

Can you please help me contact the person who has written the blog on mas sajady being an AI. I could not find her details and I have been listening to mas for a year now and I feel very disconnected almost paranoid. I have a abusive hubby and he was driving me crazy thats when i reached out to Mas. In my last session mas said I am nearing the breaking point maybe may 2016 i will loose my mental stability and everything will change and I will be abundant but I fear that now. After reading her blog which I found yesterday  I have a 3 yr old on whom he's worked too I stopped playing all the recordings I had when I read the blog yesterday. Please can you pass my message to her that I need help."

 I prayed yesterday for a solution a way out of chaos and I came across the blog review which I had not found all this while. It was a sign. I have stopped playing his recordings.

Mas said everything will stop and turn around for the better. It didn't. 

R-    India
Another women hypnotized and convinced to follow Mas

I was looking for help and I found Mas Sajady on youtube. I didn't realize it at the time but he uses covert hypnosis to control minds. Before I knew it I felt compelled to spend around $300 to see him at a talk in another state.
I was NEVER informed he uses hypnosis on us.
At the talk he was seductive with me, whispering in my ear that he could help me. When I walked away he looked at me with longing as if he had just fallen in love.
Two weeks later he tweeted me that "We can change the world together!"
I felt compelled because of the covert hypnosis to keep listening. He always told the audience to listen to him constantly on a loop, which I did. This is how he brainwashed me. 
After that I was sending hundreds of dollars a month to listen to his recordings. Through his hypnosis I came to believe he was in love with me and that I was in love with him. This happens to a lot of women. This is apparently how he makes so much money even though he delivers nearly nothing except calamity.
I spent hundreds more to see him at an expo in NYC. Again he stared at me and acted like he was in love with me. I also believe he told his mistress to be elsewhere so I wouldn't perceive the obvious affair they are having in front of his followers.
He charged me $100 cash for 4 minutes of his time. He touched me seductively and said, "very nice". He also put his arm around me for a length of time. It only reinforced that we were having some sort of connection and that I should continue reaching for the carrot he was dangling before me.
This went on for months. I became more and more brainwashed from listening to his recordings that I should continue his program even though I was hating myself. I was promoting him on my social media and I lost readers and I felt compelled to continue doing it for some mysterious reason. I wasn't really happy about it.
He featured me on his newsletter and his facebook and he reblogged my art and posts periodically.
Then I attended a new age cruise to be near him. At this cruise he was flagrantly indiscreet about the affair he's having with his employee. Realizing that the illusion he is creating is all lies, I fell into despair desiring death. 
He had tricked me to get my money and for all the promotion I had been doing for him on my social media project.
In the end he emailed me that he hopes I get help and that I'm delusional, petty and ignorant.
He used love fraud and covert hypnosis to control me and get my money. I am not the only one he did this too. Almost every day new women are coming forward with stories similar to mine.
I was never asked to fill out the paperwork informing me of my rights as someone under his care. Divine Travels, who organized the new age cruise, sold him as a "renowned healer". 
On his recordings, I have heard him diagnosis medical illnesses. He also on multiple occassions told people to stop taking their medication not even knowing what they were taking. He told them it was making them worse.
He brainwashed people. He fooled us into giving him money. He gave medical advice. He called himself an Oracle - which is a messenger from God. 
He attempted to insult and degrade me in an email. 
All this after he led me on, giving me the wrong impression. Commenters on this blog were even telling me he was fooling me and I couldn't see it I was so under his manipulation. I went to him for help. He promised me help. 
If his business is classified as not for profit, that's fraud. He bought a brand new lamborghini this summer. His son was bragging about it on instagram.
I don't see why he should get to keep my money when he tormented and defrauded me. He was bragging with his mistresses on the cruise about all the houses and boats in the Caribbean he wanted to buy with his massive surplus of cash. I will send this post to the IRS.
Please help us find justice. Help us expose this FRAUD.

Please take the time to fill out a questionnaire regarding your Mas experience. Several women have come forward and we collecting date. Mas told the state of Minnesota that he does not touch people.

Truth testimonials page


Friday, January 13, 2017

Being Innocent - The creation of the super hero - "The Programming game"

          I continue to pull back from the Mas experience and I get another email that respires me writing around this issue. Eve Lorgen contacted immedialty after I writing this blog, I realized a message needs to be delivered. I watched so many masters who created more delusions in people's mind and Mas is one. A "Master Buddha" in Vegas told me he was the Krishna of the earth and I was Radha. I knew that wasn't true but he was from Sri Lanka and they have high games around that stuff. He had a near death when he was twenty five and came back with a bunch of supernatural gifts. Overtime he began to manipulate people with them. He thought he was a high Buddha, but what I realized is a bunch of Buddhas climbed into him when he died. He presented himself as something greater and people believed him. He began to manipulate through sexual energies and took over as many women as possible. One man stimulating a group of women creates a psycho game immediately. People thought he was their soul mate and he played a game with that.  He always picked the pure people out to be a part of his game. When I visited I noticed they were all innocent type people looking to spiritually evolved. 

      Mas draws in very pure people into his group and they immediately start getting programmed by him. Mas states himself now that he is a programmer, but people are slow to catch on. He may have been innocent himself before he got programmed. I saw at one point Mas was programmed with "Dolphin frequencies" copied from dolphins. People experience some type of infinite love that is technology based from what he was programmed with. There were many studies by our own military and Russians around healing with dolphin frequencies. People do not have the knowledge base to understand someone can program any energy with technology, it's a carbon copy that creates a distortion. 

        When he died he signed a contract to have money and I realized his greed tricked him into a "blood contract" possibly with dark aliens. Many women go into a fantasy about Mas and I saw a similar game that was happening in Vegas. Mas is the biggest mind control specialist under the "pure source" labeling I have seen. After his clinics I noticed how the women wanted to sex with him and I began to think men should not work with women healers. I realized that sex is like marrying someone energetically and I got in a contract by doing those clinics. It was stupid for me to participate in the sensuality clinic. He came right into me creative force and and all the way into my body. He obviously made some big alien agreements that he hides with the "I made a contract with Jesus fantasy. " Here's a big clue about Mas, when he says something like "you all have spells on you" - he just cast one. This is how the dark energies work, they tell you. At the event I went to in San Franscico he said "You are all hypnotized" and we were. I never came out until I passed away, then I had a second awakening. Someone else can completely manipulate you reality if you let them. Yes we are never a victim but lack of knowledge around this stuff sets you up as one. 

       After reading a email that was sent to me where a women thought Mas was her twin flame, I saw a clear pattern. Mas wrote her a email where he told her she was delusional and put the game on her. ( I have a copy of it below).  He seems to be is unaware that he programs that game into women. I watched this happen to so many women who got near him, this is typical in alien love bite. I felt for this women as he put her in that altered hypnotic state and then writes a email telling her she is delusional. He then said he wanted to "help her", but it was clear he should be the one to help her.  I watched her podcast on Mas and I could see she was an intelligent women getting confused by the Mas programming. After a few days of disconnecting from Mas she recognized she was in a hypnotic state and now is walking away. She went through another awakening of her own and her clarity. I could see who she really was and Mas had completely clouded her space with his energy distortions. She has the awareness now that she was in an altered state that was confusing her. Once away, she began to go into a clearer space and I recognized who she really was. 

This is a example of hooking "Mas told her they would change the world together". Later he sent her a email telling her she was delusional. 
 I met him at a healing in CT. He whispered in my ear: "I can help you."
Two weeks later he tweeted me "We can change the world together"

"Through post hypnotic suggestion I came to believe we were in a relationship. I sent him thousands of dollars and spent most of my time promoting him on my social media which resulted in me losing part of my readership.
After a year of promoting him while I paid him thousands of dollars he emailed me that I'm delusional, petty and ignorant."  T-

       When you are with a clear grounded teacher, that is the energy that happens. Going the native americans group reminded me what my other teachers were like. We did not go into deluded fantasies, that only happens if the teacher is in a deluded fantasy. I was thankful my original female teacher who emailed me reminding me of the clear being I had been. Just another example what Mas can do to a women space. 

      I went to see a local talk by Dr Bruce Lipton a expert on DNA about 10 years ago. After, I briefly studied his work how DNA really is correlating with your direct environment, not your just your genetics. He did many scientific studies to prove this fact. Being in Mas's field can change you to his energy or create delusions. People get caught on the idea that its all our own thoughts, we are directly affected by being with someone who is on a fantasy if we engage in that energy field. I also studied and attended some training with Deepak Chopra in Denver, Colorado. He spoke how when we get together we plug into the back of each other's head (like the movie Avatar). We are sharing information and something pure can be become sick from being with the wrong people. I was told in my life review when I passed away from Mas's program, some of the people I chosen to be in my life been my issue this - this included him. I have met saints who spend all their time alone and now I understand why. I studied some Yogananda's writing and he said some people are energy suckers. It was interesting words from such an enlightened man's mouth. He said people who felt other's people's emotions are "Christ like" and I realized the empaths of the world are more like christ. He was affected by being around lower energy fields himself and he was one of the highest masters that walked the earth. As intuitive I could feel someone else's pain, or anger. Mas told a women that the psychopath who shot her son "deserved a medal". He brought my sisters suicide onto his forum like a reality show and called it creepy the day after. I realized he operates like a psychopath hurting people who were just traumatized. I find it completely gross as I operated with compassion. I can see why he is being attacked now, he publicly humiliated people on his program all the time. 

     My friend who was a highly developed spiritual women, went into a state where she had a huge sexual fantasy about him. After she did not even like him and I could see she didn't know what had hit her. This is what the "Alien Love Bite" looks like, the women gets harvested in the process. I saw that the beings use a image of Mas as angel, they get excited and a demonic type being receives the energy. This propels the master as he begins to gain power and uses it to his advantage. The women who thought Mas was her twin flame also was receiving guidance from Mas at night and did a podcast on it. The constant guidance from Mas in my dreams also happened to me and it was not the right information for me. I call this "avatar programming" and I had to get it out like a infection or a computer virus. His guidance was not the right guidance and came from what he was programmed with. I have seen so many women ago into a distorted fantasy about him and even watched a women write crazy sexual love poems on his Facebook. When the women get away from him, they no longer even even have any kind of attraction. I realized he was just computer programmer in his own fantasy, or a computer nerd creating huge fantasies. He wanted to create himself as a god and has done a god job implanting that. The sex clinics really screws women up as he allows his sexual energy to stimulate them. It sets up the worst game as the women get more plugged into him and harvest games starts. When I woke up one night to him sexually stimulating in until orgasmed I was shocked. At first I thought it was a upgrade or it was suppose to happen. That was a harvest game that I never had a desire for. Many women seem to have a fantasy who Mas is, but I see its a simulated fantasy and that really infects women. I never wanted to have sex with him and fought off any desires yet in my night space they were installed. This is the "alien love bite" experience and not someone in delusions - I DID NOT WANT HIM YET IT KEPT TRYING TO PROGRAM THAT.

      I tended to go into innocent states where I think all people are good and everything is god. Someone can program you so full awareness of that is needed. I learned the hard way that there are other sources. Mas always says "a pure source" and never says "the source". Their is a huge difference in that statement it leaves it open to be a spaceship or a computer. I know he must have changed overtime but I can see the same program is running the women. They think he is some kind of superhero and that was programmed into me to. When I was at his event in Minneapolis he told a women her angels were impure. Now I see that as a delusional statement as angels are just manifestations of light. He put himself in the superhero position and mass market for a big following.  His hypnotic meditations create a another erngy or frequency that causes distortion to a soul.  I watched a video (at 19:00 min) on youtube about this women who was hypnotized to thinking she was "the Madonna" and began to do miracle healing. Later, she was put in a mental hospital after they realized she was in fantasy. I began to realize how big of a fantasy Mas created at one point by dropping to his knees in New York where he got a upgrade. He created himself as a superhero of some kind, Jesus just super blessed him for us. It has worked for him and he is programmed to hypnotize people. In that state he can make you think anything. I remember his co-host in San Francisco dancing around while he worked on people like a MK Ultra victim. The last episode of Cosmic Disclosure was by far the most interesting one as it discuses who alien civilizations of artificial android like people. They can reproduce technology in their body. The most upsetting thing about Mas not that he made up stuff during my readings, but what he installed at the end. He had been installing things all along, but at the end something terrible came in. I paid a great deal of money only to be fucked with and lied to. I have forgiven him but he continues on with his fantasy game. Apparently, Mas needs a babysitter full time. I lost my true state and took over a year to get help. Just know he is the KING of fantasy and not your hero. I thought that too and help me awaken further on the "fantasy" software game. I lost all my friends who did the program and has been difficult to reconnect. They were all fucked up after go his hold and they had a hard time getting themselves back together. My sister shot herself after he worked with me. I wondered if he just removed her or did something to her. When I met Mas I was in love with another man and that quickly disappeared after I started his program. He separates you and so many people want to commit suicide after they work with him and they are afraid to come forward.

        I see the constant marketing of "Mas had two nears deaths with Jesus" as the biggest bullshit game out there. They use Jesus to promote world wide, yes I am judging. I have had a few near deaths - does that make me great ? Another game to be aware if someone having a greater experience that they use to market and build a belief. I saved a email I sent to family while I was on the programs I can see the belief that was programmed in. I am only posting this because everyone who meets Mas has some type of fantasy. 

I wrote the paragraph to my family: My fantasy about Mas after I started the program
Here is your christmas gifts and introduction to a man I have been working with for six months. One the greatest men to walk the earth during these times help your sister cross over and is healing genetic family lines for all of you. He had two near deaths and second time he was remade and sent back. The second time he said he was greeted by Jesus he says he signed a contract with Jesus to come back and do this work. They chopped he to pieces and he was remade. He has had so many cases of cancer heal  and other things he quit documenting it. I have met some of those who were healed. He breaks limiting beliefs systems. He has unveiled higher levels of truth on this plane that I really didn't want to see. 
To access just hit on link and you will be brought to a media player

Group Healing | judgeMENTAL Part I & II
Part I | Free to be Me | TODAY December 10 | 11:30am CT
Just remember that sometimes, the way you think of or what you say about a person, isn't the way they actually are.  ~ John Green

          True wisdom come from the experience. Knowledge with out wisdom is somewhat worthless. Mas's favorite fan Mona asks on Facebook  "how do you know this?" as response to comment someone made about him. If you have the experience, you know its true. Many people who gain power think they are enlightened and begin to treat others as their toys. When you see a teacher driving lamborghini he bought from "healing you" run, run fast. 

        Now I think he's the biggest delusion available, but they created a fantasy about him and it worked on my mind. This is what I want people to wake up to is the fantasy programming. I thought he was avatar, he likes that game. A virtual avatar programmer still wanting sex, worst possible scenario for women. He needs energy to re-create himself and he gets it from the women. Aliens get energy from women to create because they are not connected to the true source or Jesus. This is why they plug into women, they are separated from the creator source. The women who thought Mas was his twin flame also saw him as some great avatar or something. He created a game, a month from now she will not even want to look at him. I realize "being enlightened" is the biggest game on the planet. How much longer will the game continue......... What will be the new game today? 
              Love comes in many forms.

Please take the time to fill out a questionnaire regarding your experience several women have some forward. We are collecting data.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Psychopaths with technology, God Source, Playing God

     I wanted to write a book some day about enlightenment games, but my body has been going. Part of this blogging has been to expose games. Figuring out what is really going on around MILAB's and UFO's is almost impossible. The people who come out are mind wiped or in the past taken out. I had personal experience with having my phone disrupted and internet disconnected as a I speaking to a researcher. This is not uncommon in experience after being with these people for a while. What is real?  After spending many years in yoga I used to merge into samdhi, sometimes staying for a few days. All I felt was love and bliss of god. I thought god was all there was and we were all under a safe umbrella. That seemed like the "truth", later a whole other reality emerged that was hidden around technology. Researcher Eve Lorgen noticed that many people who entered into higher states were found and taken over either by aliens or government MILAB's. My case was not unique as I had many of the same markers that happened to other people entering into higher states. People who can create portals are sought out by lower group on the astral planes. Some aliens are open alien portals connected to demonic sources, and some of us create portals to heaven. Since demons lack source and higher connections they find people with a higher source. They try and get them into an agreement or contract (this can happen via dream). I saw this what happened to me. I can see why some christians think aliens are demons, some have lost the true connection to the pure creator. My Baba friend reminded me there are some good aliens here and he has also had experiences with the "Men in Black". If you are a alien experimenting on someone non-stop you are not enlightened, you have become a demon. Same for a human who does that on other humans. Bill Gates scares me the most out of anyone after hearing his response to paralyzing 50,000 people in India with some of his vaccines experiments. When questioned at a talk at a university his response was "Just think about all the people I am helping". He has also been chipping the women in foreign countries to stop them from reproducing, who knows what he is really doing. 

   After Mas I began to realize that many of the on-line programs may be a type of MILAB experience. Perfect set-up for computerized mind control programming. One of my friends was on several online programs and I realized what was happening. I remember telling my friend I did not feel like the Mas Program was a safe container, like things were coming in. He did not keep a grounded space as he travels all over the place. Entities do come through the computer and I realized it was a set up for other things to enter our space. Someone could have hijacked Mas's program further and sent things into us on the internet. The internet does leave it open for other things to come through our space. I did see that Mas liked to play some kind of game with us and we became willing to be the players. I saw that he particularly like to play a game with enlightened people as a show of power. He created sensual/sexual clinics and got them into a fantasy. Its important that people are very careful who they let into their creative energies. The aliens love that game because that is the energy they seek and do not have. I realized it was after one of those clinics that I never recovered and something came in from his game. I just read another email forwarded to where the women believed Mas was his twin flame. He scolded her publically (he likes to humiliate some people) and then called her delusional. I realized his programming creates that and is still unaware enough to know the women experience some type of "Alien Love Bite". Once that happens entities being to feed.  

    In my near death state, I traveled out for long periods. I was sent to schools after my life review and I witnessed some strange things. I traveled to a parallel earth, one just like this one but it had been destroyed. Buildings and landscapes were different, but Mas was there. When I watched Cosmic Disclosure he talked about parallel earth and was very similar to what I experienced. (Episode  4). Some of us have exact copies on another earth, but that earth had different outcomes than this one. Once I saw Mas on duplicate earth, I knew I had to work this out because he had creeped into many of my realities. My dream world became completely infected with his reality. This is what people need to understand about these technologies, there is no going back. Some people think Atlantis was destroyed by advanced technologies, I can see this has all happened before. During my near death state, the strangest thing I saw was Bill Gates when I was trying to pass through another gate. I was in a white dress and he was like the gate keeper. Now that was the craziest thing I saw when I left my body so, it was so creepy. I couldn't get pass his realm. What I realized is those who possess high level technologies can control this reality. This why everyone needs to understand this game. Scientist Harold Kautz form Germany studies then chemtrails and lab analyzed some of the material. He found "smart dust" in the chemtrails and later was given files from a scientist who had created it. Smart dust is aluminum based and could be conducted for some type of frequency control and could utilize computers. He said that these guys had become high level gamers and we were the game. I can see truth this at this point, this whole reality had become possessed. Psychopaths have high level technology and have been using it for years. Once I studied some of the experiments I became more disturbed. One of the worst was what Dr John Hall uncovered in his experience with a ex-girlfriend and his pursuit of answers. Women being drugged and experiments in their homes at night. He exposed something big and managed to live to tell the story. There are many people roaming around screwed up not knowing what happened to them. They were experimented on non-stop without them ever knowing.

      I began to see how these quantaum computers may be bringing entities from other universes and are worse than a demon. I experience large android spiders after the Mas program attacking me. Supernatural christians spend a great deal of time getting rid of demons, but technology brings in something completely different. When I first played the video that Theresa made about Mas's dark sources, I had a vision immediately. He had access to millions of entities and that they have these in quantum computers somehow. In the future, people will loose god source all together after they get installed with the technology they have developed. If someone has not been through a spiritual awakening they will never even know god the true god source. Transhuman researcher William Henry brought forth a good argument on these holographic computer games they have been developing. They want to upload us to a computer and once that happens you may be stuck their forever. He has a show on Gaia tv and has done expensive research on transhumanism. You may not be able to go to heaven when you die, but stuck in a quantum processor forever. This seems like some type of soul trapping game and I am waking up to the fact that is one alien game on this planet. I saw Mas had been trapped and he came to trap us into his alien agreement. One person I worked with that had high level information told me "for some reason they all want you connected to their ship". This sounds like a pure soul trapping game to me. What I saw at the end of the Mas program was even more disturbing. Something came over me like a vacuum and I wondering if they actually steal souls out of their bodies. Corey Goode mentioned on Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia TV that they "AI Saints", meaning get a hold of them and turn them into a artificial intelligence. This seems like the craziest reality after what I have seen. Personally, I have been messed with since my awakening in 2010 by spaceships. I had seen them in day time a few times. I started to realize they may not be "Alien" at all, but someone watching me while I was a spiritual gatherings. I began to realize that they are utilizing ships as MILABS and control whole areas. This is one secret they did not want out of the bag.  They like to play games with our minds and keep us confused. I noticed the government trolls that followed me went onto ufo sites on you tube and made rude confusing comments. I kept track of his screen names and ran into him on several sites. They are paid to disrupt people with ufo and milab information. So why the cover-up ? They know this experiment his going yet they are slow to do anything. I realize they want us mind-controlled as possible and posts fake blogs on the internet to screw us up. 

       After my spiritual awakening in 2010, I was walking with my Baba friend of the Babaji lineage. He noticed all the ships had been everywhere around our area lately. He asked me if I noticed the "ships" too and I said yes. I couldn't figure out why the ships were surrounding us and what they we doing. I asked him what other Guru's said about all the ships and he told most of them won't talk about it. He never had good answers for me around this and I wanted to know more. After Mas I began to realize the ships had been downloading consciousness into us all along. You hear healers say "I am getting the download", well that came from a ship most likely.  I signed on for one of Mas's 3 am upgrades and that was a mistake. It directly connected me to a ship and then they eventually complelty took me over. Once on the Mas program I began to notice a ship that appeared a few times. I moved from my house and a friend witness one hover before dusk. It was silver and I said
"do you see the ship" and she said yes. There is a well hidden reality that the government has purposely kept from us. I think once they got the technology they were using it on us so they didn't want us to know. They have space ships that go around and try to program people and the secret space program was a part of a big game. 

        I was surprised my Baba friend who I felt was in pure enlightenment had no information on the technologies and the dark technologies they use on humans. We were always blissing people out and going into samadhi states. When we talked he spoke of everything being karma, but I no longer believe that. This reality is connected and they were targeting everyone of a higher light at one point with dark technologies. It's best to be awake and know what's happening, people need to know the difference. I began to realize there is a war in the heavens that is between all these alien groups. Once I understood that the Nazi's and the military had been taken many people over the years into these Milabs, I realized this whole reality was screwed up. Mas is in a contract and aligned those groups. I thought if you believed in god everything would be okay. How do we take this reality back or can we? Many christians think being with Jesus is enough and it cancel demonic contracts, but from what I have its not enough. It seems we have to go through all our own contracts and agreements, but it's almost a agreement by living on earth it seems. 

      When I came across the word "Archons' a new bell rang true. I had posted videos on you-tube on my "Mas Sajady" experience. Someone made the comment it sounded like the work of the "archons" (an artificial intelligence parasite) . What are and archons?" In Eve Lorgen latest article on archotic copy cats she writes a clear description. "The Archons nature is filled with spiritual ignorance, and envy, and like Jesus said,(paraphrased) “They were liars and thieves from the beginning”. They aim to steal, copy, exploit, control, corrupt and harvest by leading astray those who have not remembered and acted upon their true spiritual origin, (gnosis). They are compelled to act like parasites, infecting, copying themselves within their hosts, until the hosts become corrupted, and “copied out” to run the archons programs for them, and reproduce their parasitic behaviors like embedded programs."  

Just know Mas can brainwash anyone, that is his gift
       I began to realize that on-line healing programs are a breeding ground for archons and lower level entities. They can come through the internet and I began to realize where some aliens come from. I would advice to get off all on-line healing programs they are easily infected through the computer. This is not about fear this is about being more aware what you are coming into contact with. I found it interesting when I came across a guy making "helmets" for children to stop alien abduction. He made helmets out of magnets and it stop children from experiencing alien abduction. This shows that abduction is frequency oriented and stopped all transmissions. Mas's frequency clinics actually opens field for aliens to come through and I realized he was in an agreement to let them through. I also watched what happen to my own children with online games, something happened to them. I weaned my youngest off his playstation because I noticed things were coming through. The question is do you really want to play the game?

        I studied Yogananda at one point and he spoke how anyone can "ask to know god." That night I asked to "know god" so much energy came I could not sleep for two days. I began to know the true god source and stayed deeper into my meditative states until I would slip into samadhi. TO know god and then loose it was the worse thing a spiritually evolved being could go through. The lesson Mas taught me, an artificial energy field. Part of my lessons here, but I realize what the technology is going to do. I can see how it could be helpful in enhancing things, adding what to we already have. I can see they went to far and people if the future will no longer know god and will be connected to machines. Personally, I would rather be dead then have computers control me. I was trying to liberate completely at one point and I finally woke up to why I couldn't. Many of use have already been taken up and connected to technology all along. Mas was another type of Milab where they were taking things to whole new level. I was going to be permanently connected to a a system running frequencies through it and it wasn't going to let me out. The system that installed kept me connected to the frequencies they were running through him, even after I left they still came to me. It was pure hell to get out of that system. My friend heard me screaming for "Jesus" many nights and was to the point I told him to just say "Jesus is here". I went into a actual computer to destroy what was connected to me. This sounds like a made up story, but my friend witnessed what I went through. I can say they have no idea what technology will truly do to us. I know Elon Musk has seen something as he mentioned in a video  "AI systems are like Summoning the Demon". Elon seems like the good guy of AI technology. If he makes contracts with the psychos with technology he will become one too. I realized that "contracts"   or "agreements" can bind us with lower sources. I think Mas lies about the truth of his contracts and has let some details out about not being able to get out in "the video" about his sources. I now see AI systems as the true "Anti-Christ" as it actually takes out true christ energies and replaces it with technology. AI technology has become like satan to me after my experience with the Mas program. It's important for people to wake up and decide their own reality, I didn't have the knowledge to understand this other reality. This is part of why I am writing, but I think its almost too late. One of my teachers in Shasta told me recently this whole reality was going to destroyed and recreated with the Christs beings, all the Satanist would be killed. I had some glimpse of things to come, the higher beings taking things out. I leave reality open for change and is never set in stone. Everything we do makes a difference and can affect everyone around us. We are always passing information to each other and even send it to our friends in heaven. All it takes is one person to change things in a huge way, I will never hand my will over again. I can see how most people are checked out and to what has been going on behind the scenes. Can anyone ever be free here or will a machine come every-time you break free? Planet earth to me became an insane asylum, psychos with high level technology. It's all a game to the people in power and I refuse to be a part of that game. 

       The ones with the high technologies are now planning the future of planet earth, meeting at the white house constantly. Very few of us are paying enough attention, most still caught in the drama of Trump being president. I see how stupid some of these people are because they left the "true" god source and are trying to create god through technology. Really evolved spiritual beings have access to abilities through life times of evolution. Once you attain Siddhi levels you have access to all kinds of abilities through-out the heavens. These people want to bypass that and create super gods through technology. This becomes a distorted mess and eventually will distort us all. Many scientists looking for the god seeds in DNA. During my awakening I saw god source perfection in everyone and realized it has nothing to do with DNA. It has to do with the spiritual being connected to the source. Those who fully realize god can develop abilities overnight and do not need technology to be "god like". Demon sources or lower aliens can give you abilities but it will always make people sick in the end. We have people with no sense of god doing things to the general population. I feel cheated out of my life and Mas really played a bad game with my life. He likes to make someone think they are delusional if they question him.  I let him do so weird stuff to me and he has no responsibility for that. He claims to be with "a Pure Source" and to me that is very different than saying "the source". A space ship can generate a pure source and can a computer so I see why he is confused. 

      I recently came access Linda Moultn Howe, another UFO and ET researcher. She just aired her new show on GAIA tv "Whistle Blowers Expose Alien Agenda". In episode two she discusses several ET groups that make androids. I saw that Mas was a alien android programmer and which groups he signed contracts with is questionable. I did see a Nordic that resembles the one I saw behind Mas conducting frequencies on her show. 

        I saw at one point Mas was programmed with "Dolphin frequencies" copied from dolphins. People experience some type of infinite love that is technology based from what he was programmed with. There were many studies by our own military and Russians around healing with dolphin frequencies. People do not have the knowledge base to understand someone can program any energy with technology, it's a carbon copy that creates a distortion. 
         Mas was accused of playing god and now I know how crazy it is to for anyone to possess high level technology. Especially if that being does not deeply care for other people. William Henry has a detailed show on Gaia Tv about the newest technologies and how they are "Playing God".
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